Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Friend....

This morning I saw a commercial for Grey's Anatomy on the Lifetime channel. It was a woman asking who she wanted as her BFF from Greys Anatomy.   The woman chose George.  Then she asked who she wanted for her lover....
 Her lover??  Really?? Thats the best you come up with Lifetime??  LOVER???......DUMB
For those of you Greys Fans...of course she chose McDreamy.  That was the obvious answer.
Anywho-So as I was walking back to my bathroom, I started thinking........ What friend would I want from the show...and after about 3 seconds, I knew exactly which one I wanted as my BFF.

Christina Yang.

I love how her and Meredith are with one another. They are my favorite relationship to watch! 
I want my BFF to be honest with me all the time. I love how they skip all formality.  There is no fake 'Hey how are you?  Thats great! Yeah Im good.'  NOPE~ Just cut the crap and get right to it.  They laugh together.  They cry together. But all in all, They just GET each other.  They can finish sentences and thoughts from one another.  A true friend is someone who can sit on a back porch with you and never say a word and have the BEST conversation.  Just sayin....

Peace Out Hommies!


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  2. EXACTLY!! Welcome to small and tiny brain!