Sunday, October 24, 2010

CLHHC= Wittens GTL

Let's start at the beginning. For all you that dont watch Jersey Shore (I just watched one last week so I cant really talk) GTL = Gym Tan Laundry.  Basically all the necessities that the guys do on the show to look good.  
So for Witten his GTL is CLHHC.....
anyone guess what it is???
L= Lunch 
HC= Halloween Costume

Witten Macabe got his 1st real haircut today! He has never had his haircut by someone other than myself, CV or my grandmother.  His little 'issues' has always prohibited him from being secure enough to let a stranger get that close to him. Not to mention the hair falling on his skin= major melt downs!! 
We told him that after Brock and he got their haircut we were going to get his Halloween Costume. So he said he was game!
I was so proud of him, he watched his big bro go first. (Which B was the model citizen.  such a good big brother) Then Witten's turn came up, he climbed up into the chair and sat so still.  So still, you would've thought Medusa had turned him into stone!  

I was so proud of him!! Even CV had to sit there and watch every second of it! Just another reminder of how much God is working in our sweet boys life! So thankful for all the people that have made such a huge impact on this little boy.  He is improving daily and I know that God will continue to prove his grace and mercy on each of us!

The final product!  They love each other so much!  
I am so blessed to have three kiddos who love each other.  Dont get me wrong, they love to fight too, but more than anything they love to love! 

Thats all for today! 
Peace Out Hommies!

Friday, October 15, 2010

What you gonna do??

Another Witten Story:
Tuesday, Witten stayed home from school because he was sick the night before. So Wednesday morning, he was so ready and excited to go to school. Every morning, Chris takes Witten to school and if you really know Witten, you know that he is NOT that big of a talker.
(He is the only one out of my 3 that got this trait from their daddy,
 the other 2 are motor mouths just like their mommy-dearest!)
So, Chris makes it his mission to force Witten to talk to him on the way to school every morning. Chris says he'll ask Witten what he is going to do at school, who he'll play with, eat lunch with, etc. And everytime, Witten will gruff before answering. He's just a man of few words; so when he does say something it usually is hysterical and off the wall. Thats why there are always so many Witten stories to share!
ok, back to my story, so, Wednesday morning, Chris told Witten to call him after school since he was going out of town and tell him how his day was, what he did, who he ate with, what color smiley-face he stayed on.
(thats his behavior chart)
So Wednesday afternoon, I pick up Witten, he gets in the car all smiles and happy to see me and Emmi. He shows me his 'prize' for staying on his purple happy face all day. I reach into his backpack to see his behavior card for the day, and like Witt said it was purple!
But, on the back, there was a note written by his teacher that said:
Witten told me his daddy said 'I'd better not change Witten's smiley face today' so I did not.   ;)

Yeah thats right!! My 4 yr old child told his teacher that his daddy said his teacher had better not change his smiley face!! Or what??? Whats daddy gonna do?? WOW!!   At least he's creative enough to know what will work and what wont!!  

Witten Macabe Van Hoy~ you bring me so much JOY in life!
Peace Out Hommies

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For you Granny!!

I went to my house last night, alone, just me and my cheetah print rainboots.  I wanted to see what had been in done in the last few days! Everytime I walk through our house, a sense of peace just comes over me. Its perfect!! Not too big, not too small. The perfect size for all 5 of us to have our space, yet be within an arms reach from each other. So, I took pics with Granny in mind. Granny lives hours away from us, so I took pics from every angle, so you get the full effect of the house.
They have finished painting and the pictures DO NOT portray the real color of the house, the walls look more grey and they are NOT.  They are the perfect tan!!
So, Granny, (and whoever else is reading this) sit down, grab a coke and stay awhile!
Our breakfast area

The kitchen, cabinets will be glazed and the different swatches
on the wall, were my test swatches for paint color.

Master bathroom

Emmi's bathroom cabinet, I designed it to be very girly with the scalloped bottom.

The view from the entryway!

Brocks room, Wittens room is the exact same!

The boys bathroom cabinet, I designed to be 'masculine'

They painted our shutters today!!  

The back of our house! All the dirt is prep for landscape!

Our side entry.

Just thought this was gonna be a cool shot, not so much!

my spice racks in the vent hood!

the view from our kitchen window.

Another kitchen shot!
One of my favorite shots, I've ever taken! The only time Witten has ever appeared to be small!

Not sure which is hubby or my sink! That thing was so heavy and he carried it in and unwrapped for me b/c I was just dying to see it!!

Our staircase!
Laundry room

Laundry room again, that is a hanging bar, since I hang ALOT of clothes to dry!

This is Emmi's room, you cant really tell but her ceiling is a very light pink!

Our mud bench, its painted the same light green that Emmi's bathroom cabinet and my lil desk is painted!   
Last but not least, my front door, which I love more than anything!!  

Whew! Im exhausted! 
All I can say is Im so thankful for what the Lord has done for Chris and myself! 
Without Jesus we have NOTHING! 

Peace Out Hommies

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Witten says the darnest things....

I have to remember this story to tell Witten when he's older, so I figured I could put it here, since his baby book is in storage.  Let me say, I hope and pray that this story doesnt offend anyone by any means.

As almost every night, Witten loves to sneak into Mimi's room and watch whatever crazy TV show, she is watching. I do not know what show she was watching, but I walked in and Mom said to me, "Tray, ask Witten what that Tiger just did."  So I did, in which Witten replied, "Mom, dat Tiger just bit dat Choco-yate Man in da face."     WHAT?!?!?  Did he just say "dat Chocolate Man?"    Only Witten would associate food to the color of a mans skin!  ohhhhh  I seriously love my life!

For the record, the tv show was about a man (i think in the 70s) that was raising a Tiger in his apartment, one day the Tiger attacked him.  Go figure! At least now, I dont think Witten will be asking for a pet Tiger any time soon.
 This pic is real grainy and terrible of me, but his face is so cute in it, I just had to share!!

Peace Out Hommies