Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For you Granny!!

I went to my house last night, alone, just me and my cheetah print rainboots.  I wanted to see what had been in done in the last few days! Everytime I walk through our house, a sense of peace just comes over me. Its perfect!! Not too big, not too small. The perfect size for all 5 of us to have our space, yet be within an arms reach from each other. So, I took pics with Granny in mind. Granny lives hours away from us, so I took pics from every angle, so you get the full effect of the house.
They have finished painting and the pictures DO NOT portray the real color of the house, the walls look more grey and they are NOT.  They are the perfect tan!!
So, Granny, (and whoever else is reading this) sit down, grab a coke and stay awhile!
Our breakfast area

The kitchen, cabinets will be glazed and the different swatches
on the wall, were my test swatches for paint color.

Master bathroom

Emmi's bathroom cabinet, I designed it to be very girly with the scalloped bottom.

The view from the entryway!

Brocks room, Wittens room is the exact same!

The boys bathroom cabinet, I designed to be 'masculine'

They painted our shutters today!!  

The back of our house! All the dirt is prep for landscape!

Our side entry.

Just thought this was gonna be a cool shot, not so much!

my spice racks in the vent hood!

the view from our kitchen window.

Another kitchen shot!
One of my favorite shots, I've ever taken! The only time Witten has ever appeared to be small!

Not sure which is hubby or my sink! That thing was so heavy and he carried it in and unwrapped for me b/c I was just dying to see it!!

Our staircase!
Laundry room

Laundry room again, that is a hanging bar, since I hang ALOT of clothes to dry!

This is Emmi's room, you cant really tell but her ceiling is a very light pink!

Our mud bench, its painted the same light green that Emmi's bathroom cabinet and my lil desk is painted!   
Last but not least, my front door, which I love more than anything!!  

Whew! Im exhausted! 
All I can say is Im so thankful for what the Lord has done for Chris and myself! 
Without Jesus we have NOTHING! 

Peace Out Hommies


  1. Love the house Tracey!! You did good!

  2. Tracey, you're right. It's perfect. Can't wait to see the final product. How cool that you'll be spending your next Christmas there!!!! Miss Donna

    I could stop rite now and know that I have seen the greatest house ever built! Tracey Nicole Toms VanHoy! You lucky lucky little gal. You live better than Gabrielle Solis! I am in love with every single detail . The white kitchen, the darling cabinet in emmis room! The big ole tub in your room for your long legs and your tall hot husband! I am just grinning! And you bet ya Im sipping a coke. Wishing it was a icee tho. Thats it this just confirmed my visit. Put up the welcome sign. This is a house to vacation it! LOOOOOVE it. Good job

  4. The door! the front door! literally takes my breath away. awwww