Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Baby Jesus!

The one thing I usually try to include in my prayers for my children is their (very far away, not even close enough to really mention but its going to happen so I might as well pray about it) future.

When I am praying for my children I always start with thanking God for their personalities, characteristics, abilities, talents, etc. I always thank Him for making them all so different yet definitely formed from the same mold, then I begin asking for certain things for each one. For example:

Brock- Thank you for making him a Child after God's own heart. Thank you for giving Brock a love for his family, (ESP. ME!) Thank you for giving him a special athletic ability.  Thank you for changing my life with this gift.

Witten- Thank you for my fireball. Thank you for spicing mine and CV's life up! Thank you for giving him creativity and strength. Please give him peace and protection. Thank you for choosing me as his momma!

Emmi- Thank you for the icing on my cake! Thank you for her big blue eyes,  her smile and her sweet voice.  Thank you for putting a love for her brothers in her heart that is so deep and true. Thank you for the father she has.  Please dont let her be taller than 6 foot!  (J/K....but not so much)

I then start to pray for their spouses. I dont do this a whole lot when I'm actually praying with them (esp. the boys) only because Brock gets grossed out and ruins the moment for the prayer!

For Brocks spouse: She needs to be gentle, sweet and kind. Likes to eat popcorn alot. Please protect my boys heart.  He will love her unconditionally and forever!  She better like his momma!

For Wittens spouse: She needs to be patient, strong-willed, and laid back. She needs to be a good listener. It would be in her best interest to get along with his baby sister!

For Emersons spouse:  He needs to tall, rich and fast! Ok Im sorry I couldnt help myself! Seriously, height would be nice!  He needs to be funny, love life and be affectionate. He needs to keep her grounded and humble.  He probably should be fast, just in case he ever upsets her, he's got 3 HUGE guys coming after him.
I also pray that her husband not completely hate us for making her so rotten. I pray my daughter in laws not blame me for my boys need to be taken care of.  I will always make my boys pancakes as long as they keep asking for them.  After all, I know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!

Alright friends, I need to go to bed, which means, I have to pray first so I better get off this computer and get on my knees!  Night YALL!


Humble Persistence

This mornings Sunday School lesson was entitled Humble Persistence. It was about praying for something for a really long time and seeing your prayers answered, and having Faith that God will get you through the situation.  The lesson came from Mark 7:24-30.  The story is about a mother who has a daughter who is possessed by an evil spirit. She has faith that Jesus can heal her and begs Him to do so. The mother was persistent and strong-willed in asking Him for His healing power over her daughter. And of course, Jesus did heal the little girl because of her mothers faith in God.

This story hit a little too close to home for me today! It made me think of my sweet Witten Macabe. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for Witten. I've prayed for so many different things. I prayed for answers, I prayed for a fix, I prayed for patience for both of us, I prayed for Witt to just 'be normal' but then I realized Witten is 'normal'.  He's normal for Witten.
Which is ok with me!
Now I just pray for peace with him.  We have been through so much with this child. But I NEVER gave up on Witten or My GOD!
A few months ago, I had to sit down with someone and explain to them about Witten.  It was one of the hardest conversations I've EVER HAD! But I (kindly) reminded that person that no matter what he may think of my boy, Witten was made in Christ-like image, therefore, Witten is an incredible, creative and hilariously loving boy.
I then screamed SO BACK OFF ALREADY!!!!
Ok I didnt, but I really really wanted to! 

Lately, I've noticed a huge change in Witten. He seems to be able to control himself much better. He is working on being able to handle social situations.  Today at the lunch table, a stranger (to Witten) walked up to us and said "Hey y'all! How are ya?"   Witten without batting an eye said "Hey! How are you?" It was not only adorable but made my heart so proud.  He is starting 'Big Boy School' in a few weeks and I'm so scared!  This will rock his world. And mine too! But I will most definitely continue to be the momma I am for Witten. The momma that prays continually for my children! I have faith in my GOD that one day Witten will have total peace in his body and mind, He will be able to walk into an unfamiliar room, with new faces and be able to 'deal with it' on his own without my coaching!  Witten is a child of God, created in His image! And I am so thankful that God leant him to me while we're here on Earth!


Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the ones of you out there that know me well, know that I have danced more in my life than I have walked! When I hear music, no matter my whereabout, I instantly begin shaking something! I LOVE DANCING! I feel it was a gift that God gave me. I thank Him for giving it to me. I still sawsha (sp?) down the hallway of my parents house.  If you come up on me in my car at a red light, I will be dancing!

Ok, so you get my love of music and the effect it has on me??  Well, you could only guess my excitement I had tonight (Who am I kidding? ALL DAY) as I was driving my little prissy, sassy, Beyonce-lovin little girl to her first dance class tonight!!!!!
All day today, she was telling everybody who would listen.  "I GO TO DANCE! I SHAKE MY HINNEY!"

So tonight we get all dressed up in her new leotard, dance shoes, hair in bun. And of course she grabbed her Hello Kitty cup, phone, and sunglasses! AND WE'RE OFF!!
We're heading down the road and she is so excited to be going to dance. She instantly asks me "I'na hear Hands Up Momma!"  
(Beyonce's Single Ladies)
So we listen to it the ENTIRE WAY TO DANCE!
We walk in the door and the lobby is full of precious little ballerinas!
I quickly feel a tiny hand wrapped itself around my leg and squeeze. 
Her confidence and excitement is oozing its way out the door! 
The teachers come out and start calling names.
What would you know, there are 2 Emersons in her class!
Well, my Emmi wasnt quite ready to let go of momma. After a few minutes of me hyping it up, taking her into the studio, placing her right on top of a purple star sticker, next to a buddy from church, and promising a milkshake after it was over, she finally let go! 
When she saw me running out though, she rebelled and threw herself on the floor behind the rest of the pink-clad little 'rinas! Which is where she stayed for the remainder of the class! 

I'm absolutely in LOVE With having a daughter. I laughed outside in the lobby the whole time.  Because I knew that if the teacher would just walk over to the radio, turn off the piano music & turn on Single Ladies, my little 'rina would get up so fast her head would spin.
When it was over, she came out & squeezed me like she hadn't seen me in years! 
I asked her if she had fun.  Her response: "NOOOOO I POO POO'ED!

Which she had!
Peace OUT Hommies!