Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the ones of you out there that know me well, know that I have danced more in my life than I have walked! When I hear music, no matter my whereabout, I instantly begin shaking something! I LOVE DANCING! I feel it was a gift that God gave me. I thank Him for giving it to me. I still sawsha (sp?) down the hallway of my parents house.  If you come up on me in my car at a red light, I will be dancing!

Ok, so you get my love of music and the effect it has on me??  Well, you could only guess my excitement I had tonight (Who am I kidding? ALL DAY) as I was driving my little prissy, sassy, Beyonce-lovin little girl to her first dance class tonight!!!!!
All day today, she was telling everybody who would listen.  "I GO TO DANCE! I SHAKE MY HINNEY!"

So tonight we get all dressed up in her new leotard, dance shoes, hair in bun. And of course she grabbed her Hello Kitty cup, phone, and sunglasses! AND WE'RE OFF!!
We're heading down the road and she is so excited to be going to dance. She instantly asks me "I'na hear Hands Up Momma!"  
(Beyonce's Single Ladies)
So we listen to it the ENTIRE WAY TO DANCE!
We walk in the door and the lobby is full of precious little ballerinas!
I quickly feel a tiny hand wrapped itself around my leg and squeeze. 
Her confidence and excitement is oozing its way out the door! 
The teachers come out and start calling names.
What would you know, there are 2 Emersons in her class!
Well, my Emmi wasnt quite ready to let go of momma. After a few minutes of me hyping it up, taking her into the studio, placing her right on top of a purple star sticker, next to a buddy from church, and promising a milkshake after it was over, she finally let go! 
When she saw me running out though, she rebelled and threw herself on the floor behind the rest of the pink-clad little 'rinas! Which is where she stayed for the remainder of the class! 

I'm absolutely in LOVE With having a daughter. I laughed outside in the lobby the whole time.  Because I knew that if the teacher would just walk over to the radio, turn off the piano music & turn on Single Ladies, my little 'rina would get up so fast her head would spin.
When it was over, she came out & squeezed me like she hadn't seen me in years! 
I asked her if she had fun.  Her response: "NOOOOO I POO POO'ED!

Which she had!
Peace OUT Hommies!


  1. O dear gosh. That is better than a icee and queso. Emmi I want you to dance for me all day long. You are the cutest little lady ever!
    and yes I do love that you are a dancing queen. That is one talent I wish I had. Iv never seen a kick better than ours. love ya. good post

  2. Love it, Tracey! I especially love the picture with her little shoes in her lap!

    Love, Sharon