Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just for you Jac!

This update on blog is long overdue and I have no excuse other than pure jello for a brain.  
I feel like the Tin Man. 
"If I only had a brain!!"

So this update is dedicated to my good friend Jacqueline. 
She may be the WORST Nanny I've ever hired for my children, seeing as she's never even showed up for her first day of work, but she is creatively witty and charming as ever! If only I could get her to stop wishing that 4th offspring on me! 
One day Day. Revenge will be mine!

Ok, back to my blog that Jac has been hounding me for. 
So baseball has completely taken over my life, my husbands life, Brocks life, my two babies life, & my parents life. Brock made the All-Star team again this year!! We are so proud of his accomplishment. He is driven and motivated on and off the field! His team is absolutely AMAZING! 
Or as Lauren (JAYNUH) would say "He is A-Mars-Zing!" 
*Inside Joke, found only funny to the 2 of us*

They played in the district tournament last weekend and finished second. After 12 games our bats were dead and lost to a team we had beaten twice already in the tourney. We have our first game tomorrow night in the state tournament. We hope to qualify for the World Series!
Our Boys!

Witten is doing good. He is growing up and doing it much faster than my heart can take. He will be 4 next month. I just cant believe how much he is like his Daddy! He is bull-headed, strong-willed and doesnt like to be held down. But he is a fighter for what he wants and believes in. He is geniously creative; and just like his father, he can melt my heart with his eyes when he looks at me. 
Most of you know that he has some struggles that he faces everyday. His therapists think its more of a social anxiety more than sensory processing. So, we're working on it! 
He has been placed into a preschool within the Bossier Parish School System. 
I know this is a blessing but I worry for him so much next year. Sending your baby off to school for the first time is SO HARD as it is. But to think that he wont even be 4 on his first day.....just makes my stomach hurt thinking about it! I hate that he cant (or wont) tell me how he's feeling. I have the same feelings (or fears) that I had when Brock started Kindergarten.  
What if he's scared?  What he no one talks to him? What if he needs to potty but he doesnt know where to go? What if he drops his tray in the cafe??  UGH!!! Why cant I just shelter him under my wings forever????  My baby boy isnt a baby anymore.  And I need to let him be the big boy he is! could that face not get ya??

My prissy, little sassy, little miniature ME=Emerson, is the sunshine of all my boys eyes.   She has each of them eating out of the palm of her hand. They love and adore her. I only wish I had the same effect on them that she does. She grins the moment she wakes up til she goes to bed. Today she was skipping all over the house with her blanket saying repeatedly 'I happy! I happy! I happy!' And she is! 
I love having a daughter. I love doing ponytails in the morning. I love that when I do my makeup every morning, she gets hers out and does hers as well. I love her squeals, her giggles, the fact that we both cant leave the house without our lipgloss and cell phones. I love that she looks so little in her daddys arms.  I love how little I feel in them too! She loves to make me jealous by hugging on him right in front of me. But the jokes on her bc the minute she goes to bed. I get all his attention.
This is a small glimpse of my day! 
Just thought I'd share the next two pics.....I can say that she does get it honestly!!

Peace Out Hommies!!

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  1. I love the picture of the cute girl with sunglasses, purse, and a mooning baby!! PRESH!