Monday, December 28, 2009

Independence Bowl 2009

We went to the I-Bowl again this year! It was a good time but I didnt really care for either teams so I just sat there and froze. But to distract myself from my toes and fingers going numb, I stuffed my face with nachos and then a funnel cake.  Yeah! Those 3 lbs that are hiding on my bumm are not going away any faster!  Here are some pics! Enjoy!

He's always being stoic in pics....except this one!

Me and CV

Jb & Me

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some pics from Christmas!

Me & The Girls

Nick & Brock

The Toms

The Byrds

Mom and Dad

The Van Hoys

Jacob & Anna

Christmas 2009

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  Yesterday as I was cleaning up the mess Santa left behind, I asked CV, "Did we really just celebrate Christmas?"  I can't believe its already over. It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days until we go to Disney.  Now I'm counting the days until a new year starts.  2010!!  WOW!!

10 years ago I graduated High School!
9 years ago I met Chris.
8 years ago I gave birth to my first baby boy, Johnathan Brock
7 years ago I got married  (yeah you read that right!)
6 years ago I graduated from College! (on time and with a 3.0 GPA)
5 years ago I moved to Dallas Tx to be a ballers wife.
4 years ago I gave birth to Witten Macabe  (in August)
3 years ago I became the co-director of Cypress Baptist Church Mom's Day Out
2 years ago I gave birth to our grand finale....on my birthday I might add.  Sweet Emmi!
1 year ago I became me!

I feel like I have finally become the woman God intended me to be. I had different plans and dreams for myself. I dreamt of becoming a Child-Life Specialist at St. Judes Children's Hospital.  I do love kids and have a weakness for ones who are battling disease; and one day I do plan on visiting St. Judes and bringing gifts and God's Word in abundance! But God had different plans for me. His plan for Tracey are 3 little (Well not really that little) ones that live under my own roof.  I praise His name in thankfulness for letting them all be healthy as horses.  It's my duty to teach them love, kindness and about our creator, my Lord!
God intended me to be a young momma, a young wife, a young boss to older (much wiser) women. I have learned from those women and I pray they have learned from me.  I feel young in years but old in experiences.  In 27 years, I have learned ALOT!
I see big changes in my future.  Some closer than expected. Some seem too far away.  However, time doesn't stop for us to catch up with it. I hope in the next ten years, I can learn to be a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend.  But most of all I hope to be a better testament of the love and grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Here's to more love, more giggles and more memories.  Here's to 2010!

Peace Out Homies!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

O Holy Night!

Tonight is full of anxiousness and what is supposed to be joy.  However, joy does not always work out the way we planned.  Tonight, we were going to Christmas Eve service for the first time or so we planned.  We all got 'purtyed' up, took (or attempted) to take lots of pics of the kids.  We finally get everyone loaded up in the car. By this time, Emmi is screaming, Witten's being weird and hiding from everyone. Brock is totally annoyed at having to have his hair combed. And me, well, I'm just needing some religion at this point.  So. We get to church, and what do you know, there's no child care.  Well, CV was NOT taking the kids in so we turned around and went to eat. We get to Outback and two hours later, we leave, everyone is DONE by this time.  So we get home, have to put on our special PJs, spread reindeer food on the lawn, get SC's cookies and milk out blah blah blah.....By 9 pm I'm screaming for everyone to just go get in their beds, or SANTA IS NOT COMING!!!! AND THATS FINAL!!!   Oh, and merry Christmas sweethearts!

UGH! Where was my joy at????

Tomorrows a new day right??!?!?!

CV and I have a saying that we say all the time to each other (Jokingly)
We say:  "Can't steal my joy devil"
Well tomorrow:  You cant steal my joy Devil.  I'm celebrating my Lord and Saviors birth and you will NOT show your ugly head here!

Merry Christmas y'all

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy to you and me!

If you've heard me speak of this Christmas season lately, then you know that I have not been a fan of it! I'm not sure why I haven't been in the 'Christmas spirit' but I have not put up one Christmas Decoration, or sent out my cards or even bought that many presents! I think that it has alot to do with our house being on the market and I just dont want to do anything that would create a mess for me to clean up later!
Tonight ,however, I turned over a new leaf.  Chris and I turned off the t.v and turned on the GLORIOUS iPhone! I turned on my ever dependent Pandora radio app and jammed out to Christmas Music on the surround sound.  We got out the Christmas tree and put that sucker up! I cannot say that I enjoyed it throughly but I did cherish one aspect of it.  Pulling out the ornaments that each of my kids had made over the years was just BLISS!  Looking at pictures of Brock when he was Wittens age, seeing how little Wittens foot used to be and how Emmi has grown in just one year.....oh the tears were daring to bust through.  I appreciate the teachers that made those ornaments with my babies! I hope to keep those forever and to one day decorate my tree with my grandbabies showing them those same ornaments!
I also enjoyed watching Chris and Emmi dance to the Christmas music together. I think I would enjoy watching those two together doing anything! I now know what my momma must've felt when I was a little girl!
Peace Out Homies!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Clan

My JBeezy~
My beautiful Boy.
He changed my life forever.
He loves anything that can be thrown or hit with a bat or club.
When he leaves for college, he will call me every night
to make sure I am home at curfew.
He is patient to Witten and protective of Emmi.
His size is a hindrance at times,
people expect and treat him older than he is.
(Including me)
His wife will be the luckiest girl,
but will hate me sleeping in between them!

My Dub~
This is a typical Witten Face!
He's strong willed, determined and hysterical.
He loves to wrestle & rarely gets hurt.
(Can't say the same for his opponents, of all sizes.)
He is sometimes misunderstood and requires more patience
but gives more love than any other.
(Just on his terms)
He's a self proclaimed 'Big Boy' but he'll always be my baby.
He loves a camera and takes better pics than I do.
I cherish our special time every morning, laying in my bed, whispering
sweet nothings to each other!

My Sassy~
She is my little mini-me
We both love cupcakes and Chris
(not in that order)
We both rock the sweet tea gut
We fight over being the center of attention
(Even though, I lost this battle, I still put up a good fight)
She looks cuter in skinny jeans but I am toilet trained!
We both cry over not getting our way.
We can shop like it's our business!
I love how she looks so little in her Daddy's Arms!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh here We go!!

It's only been, WHAT, a full 10 minutes and I'm already so excited to BLOG again!
Thanks Nicole and Jamie for reading my first blog and giving me love for it..
Ok Jamie, maybe that wasn't too much love coming from you! Wink WINK! I heart you Lil Bit!

Ok...Ok..You conviced me!

Hey Bloggers! I must admit I always thought people who sit around and Blog.....are well....bloggingly boring! Well, I guess I am bloggingly boring b/c here I go! I was inspired to do this because I was reading my SIL (sis-in-law) blog and it was wonderful. Just to hear her thoughts, to hear her emotions...was inspiring! So thanks Lauren!
I guess this day in age, the 'cool thing' is to update our Facebook status' every 20 minutes. Which I love to do and hate when other people don't. If I pass you going down the road, I wanna pull out my glorious iPhone, click my favorite App button (Facebook) and know where you're going, why and who you're with! Pathetic I know! But least I'm writing what you're all thinking (and doing!) Due to this dire need to be in the 'in crowd' I walk through my day with my thoughts floating through my mind in FB status form!
Don't do too!
So I figured, if I could have a place where I could share my thoughts, stories and feelings without having to see Jamie and all her Farmtown junk! Or when Susie Q makes it to the next level playing Bejeweled, why not!!! Not that I am not proud of you LIL BIT on all your farmtown success!
But also, it gives me one more place to share my love of my Lord and let people who may accidentally run across see that Jesus Christ loves them, then hey! I did my job!
So, I'm going to give this Blogging thing a-go! So please check back! I promise to work on my site and make it all pretty and clutter it FULL of pics of my kids!
Peace Out Homies!!