Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ok...Ok..You conviced me!

Hey Bloggers! I must admit I always thought people who sit around and Blog.....are well....bloggingly boring! Well, I guess I am bloggingly boring b/c here I go! I was inspired to do this because I was reading my SIL (sis-in-law) blog and it was wonderful. Just to hear her thoughts, to hear her emotions...was inspiring! So thanks Lauren!
I guess this day in age, the 'cool thing' is to update our Facebook status' every 20 minutes. Which I love to do and hate when other people don't. If I pass you going down the road, I wanna pull out my glorious iPhone, click my favorite App button (Facebook) and know where you're going, why and who you're with! Pathetic I know! But least I'm writing what you're all thinking (and doing!) Due to this dire need to be in the 'in crowd' I walk through my day with my thoughts floating through my mind in FB status form!
Don't do too!
So I figured, if I could have a place where I could share my thoughts, stories and feelings without having to see Jamie and all her Farmtown junk! Or when Susie Q makes it to the next level playing Bejeweled, why not!!! Not that I am not proud of you LIL BIT on all your farmtown success!
But also, it gives me one more place to share my love of my Lord and let people who may accidentally run across see that Jesus Christ loves them, then hey! I did my job!
So, I'm going to give this Blogging thing a-go! So please check back! I promise to work on my site and make it all pretty and clutter it FULL of pics of my kids!
Peace Out Homies!!


  1. Oh, yes I did "follow" you THAT.FAST.

    Maybe you'll inspire me to blog again...!

  2. I'm glad I inspired you! You will love it!!!

  3. Lauren Semmes~ Danng GINA! That was quick!

  4. Welcome to the blog world! You will love it!