Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24

Ok so maybe my goal was a little unrealistic...  I mean seriously,,, me blog everyday! yeah right!
I have been so busy that I havent had time to get on here and type! The house takes alot more time than our old one did! But its getting there!

Ok so today I'm thankful for my momma.  After work today, CV left and went to join my dad and Brock at the hunting camp.  So momma came over and we hit the town.  We shopped til we literally dropped.  We closed the malls down at 9 tonight and closed down Target at 10.  AND....we had the two babies with us. But when you fill two children full of sugar from doughnuts, they dont mind being out that late.  Who cares if at 11 pm they were still awake..
Anywho! I just had fun with my momma, my best friend.  She is spending the night tonight which made my kids so stinking happy.  I had put the kids to bed, went and got in the shower, came out to find them all back up and watching tv in the living room...  I guess thats what happens when Mimi spends the night!!  Oh well....cant wait for the Thanksgiving Day Parade and turkey! Our first Thanksgiving in our new house!!!

Peace Out Hommies!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

DAY 20

Saturday November 20.
Today I'm thankful for what I found on Facebook tonight.  Two years ago, I wrote this "note" on FB, everyone was doing so what the heck.... I might as well too! I re-read it tonight and laughed at how in 2 years some things were the same but some were different!
Just wanted to share!

1. I hate being 6 ft tall, prefer 5'13' 
2. My favorite time of day is early morning when all are asleep and Im drinking my first cup of coffee.
 *Not now, no one beats Emerson Lee up in the morning!
3. I dont remember life before text messaging. 
4. I have a 6yr son who is me through and through, except his face, thats CV! *Brock is now 8! WOW 8!!!
5. I dont like when people say: "I'm the type of person who..." just show me, dont tell me. 
6. I cherish the way Chris and I always look at one another when something makes us laugh. 
7. I miss dancing every single day of my life. *Not now, I'm back to dancing!!
8. I have a two yr who is Chris in every way except his face, thats me! *Witten is now 4!
9. I only drink OJ in wine goblets, it just tastes better. *I dont even own wine goblets now!
10. My husband bought me an original nintendo a few yrs ago. 
11. I have a brother and a sister but grew up an only child. 
12. I have been watching the Young and the Restless everyday for 6 years. I dont even like it anymore but.....everyday I still watch it. 
13. I was born with a bad kidney. 
14. I love my job! *Even though its a different one, I still love it!
15. I love romance, I'll take it any where I can get it. Movies, shows, vampire books...whatever! *I'm over Twilight!
16. I cant stand high heels. They make me fall. 
17. I am that girl at the redlight that sings to herself in the rearview mirror like a rockstar on stage in central park with 1,000,000,000 fans screaming my name, with bright lights and backup dancers, Sequins outfits, a gold microphone, blue eyeshadow, curly hair, a gigantic tour bus, and Steven Tyler Perry playing the guitar. 
18. I love The Bachelor and refuse to believe that at the reunion show they are not already broken up! 
19. I have a beautiful daughter that has more clothes than chris and I together. 
20. I care what people think. 
21. I pray for almost a solid hour in the mornings. 
22. I will always remember how I felt the first time I kissed Chris Van Hoy, the boy with the scar. 
23. My favorite verse is 1Thess. 5:16-18. 
24. I have the most wonderful friends now than I have ever had in my life. 
25. I am in awe of the way the Lord has given me so much.  *This has never been more true in my life! God is ever so present.  

Peace Out Hommies!

Friday, November 19, 2010

DAY 19~ Stupid Hawaiian shirt

Friday November 19th, I am once again thankful for my Lord and Savior! and for my hubby!  My Biff!

God amazes me daily! Sometimes in just small ways and sometimes in huge ways, today was a huge way! Without sharing too much He just reminded me that even when we think we are in control, we are not. And I'm so thankful to not be in control!! I'm blessed to have Him running things, I should've learned by now that all I have to do is just sit back and let Him do His thang!! If anything, God has taught me that He wants the very best for me and Chris and our babies.  All I have to do is QUIT worrying and just have faith.  Something that is so easy to say but sometimes so hard to do! 

And again, I'm thankful for my amazing hubby!
Chris Van Hoy, I met you 10 years ago. And when I did, I honestly fell in love with you at first sight.  Dont get me wrong, I thought you were the biggest DORK in your hawaiian shirt (I dont care what you say, it was not a "rave" shirt, it had hibiscus' on it).  I thought the scar under your right eye was sexy and made you look harder than you were really were.  I loved that you were taller than me, I loved that you gave me just enough attention to make me want more of you.  UGH you had me at the hibiscus shirt!!  
But now, I love you so much more than I ever thought I could love a boy 10 years ago.  I would still think you are a dork if you wore a hawaiian shirt or a rave shirt for that matter.  I still think your scar is sexy and it definitely makes you look harder than you really are.  I still love that you are taller me, and I love that you give me all the attention I could want and yet, still leave me wanting more of you.  I love you how you can read me within 4 minutes of seeing me.  I love the way I feel when I hear your truck pulling up in the driveway, even if I show differently.  I love how we have come such a long way from those two kids in the Pike house.  We have three kids, live in our dream home, we work together everyday but best of all I love how this is just our earthly lives together, I know our heavenly life will so much more together! Thanks for always praying for our family, for us,  for me.  I pray for you almost all day.  But mainly just thanking God for you! I feel blessed more than any girl ever should

And I owe all that to God! I undeservingly have the best life, but I give all the glory and praise to God.  I didnt do any of it, I just let Him work through me.  I hope that I make Him proud.  I hope and pray that one day, when I meet Him face to face, He will look at me and say "Job well done TvHo, you faithful servant!" 

Peace Out Hommies

Be Joyful Always, Pray without ceasing. Be thankful for all circumstances in your life, for they are the will of God for you.   1 Thess. 5:16-18

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DAY 16-18

Today I am so So SOOOOO THANKFUL for medicine! I have been completely out of commission the last three days.  My allergies have rocked my world, and not just mine, but CV's world, and my kids world.

I am also thankful for momma and daddy who came over Tuesday night to help out with the two babies while CV had Brock at football practice.  I was in bed by 5:30 Tuesday night, took about an hour nap, woke up again, helped get the kiddos to bed and then went back to bed at 8:30.  Wednesday night, I was WORSE! I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  So this morning I went to see my doctor.  By 10:00 am I had gotten two shots, a Z-pac and in the line at Starbucks! So my bucket may have felt like it got stung by 100 bees, but by all means, I was gonna be feeling better soon.

So by 4:00 this afternoon I was on a celestone BUZZ! And my front yard was full of boys and my ears were being blown off by my 2 yr old little girl!

By 6:00, I realized my Celestone Buzz was in FULL SWING! I even texted CV and warned him of what was going on at home, I think he was thankful to be at practice!!  ;)

By 7:30 pm, I had rearranged our living room furniture, cooked a full-blown meal, (Smothered steak, real mashed potatoes & gravy, and sweet corn) cleaned three bathrooms, swept the whole downstairs, organized a closet, bathed the babies, folded two loads of clothes.

So now its 10:00 pm, I'm finally starting to settle down, my body is aching (probably from the lifting of the couch, love seat and two recliners) and I'm watching Greys Anatomy! I feel so much better and happy to back in commission!

Thanks Dr. Davidson, you have my family back in order tonight!!

How about a cute pic of my lil diva


Sunday, November 14, 2010

DAY 14~

Sunday November 14, 2010

Today I am so THANKFUL for my hubby! He is just bliss. Today he worked so hard on our house cleaning out our garage, organizing everything.  THEN....he completely detailed my car, from top to bottom.  He cleaned every inch of it.

Not to mention he looked totally hot while doing it!  ;)

Peace Out Hommies!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

DAY 13~

Day 13, I am thankful for sore abs!  Today was so much fun!!! I am thankful for loving to have fun in life, loving to laugh.  I am thankful that I dont take myself too seriously.  I think I laughed all day today! But thats what I always do when I'm around Hannah! Life is just funnier with her.  And trust me, if I shared some of the things we laughed at today, you wouldnt think they were all that funny.  But that would make us laugh too!
 Just think how Chris probably feels right now. I think he is exhausted, just from hearing us.  We dont giggle or chuckle, we bust a gut, belly aching laugh!  So at least I got my workout in for the day!

Peace Out Hommies!

DAY 12~

Day 12! OK! I dont know whats going on but I promise, I did update yesterday but I dont know where it went! UGH!!!

Well, here goes again! Friday November 12, I am thankful for great friends! Hannah is on her way! We always have so much fun when we're together.  I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

Peace Out hommies!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAY 11

Day 11~ Today I am thankful for waking up this morning and the sight I saw.  My alarm went off at 6:15 like it does every morning. I felt a large weight up against me and couldnt decide what it was.  I knew it was not Chris because the large object didnt feel hot enough. I knew it wasnt Emmi because the person wasn't talking and since Emmi never stops talking I knew it couldnt be her.  So I rolled my head over and to my surprise I just saw bright green everywhere.  Still in my sleepy haze my eyes could not recognize what this mass up against me was, then I remembered!!


It was a Ninja Turtle!! Witten had found Brock's old TMNT costume in one of the storage bins in the garage and put it on the night before.  He must have convinced his daddy to let him sleep in it.  So I rolled over and squeezed that turtle tight.

Then I heard something else, CV's alarm.  Hmmm.....  So where is Chris at???  Ok he must be asleep in the gameroom, so what would've made him to go in there to sleep??  So I reached my arm a little further past the sleeping Ninja and there she was!
A Sleeping Diva!!  Emmi had made her way to our room too.  No wonder CV went to the couch!

Isnt it funny how mother's will wake at the slightest hint of a sound when their babies are sick but when all are healthy we could sleep thru a hurricane! Well I can anyway! I think thats God's way of making sure I get the rest I need!

Peace Out Hommies!

DAY 10

Day 10 (on Day 11)
Today I am thankful that my internet was hooked up late tonight so that I can get back to late night internet surfing.  Our home phone was also set up.  The house is starting to really feel like home for us.  I unpacked 5 more boxes today and still there is stuff everywhere.  I HATE decorating.  So I just wait for momma to come over and tell me where to put it!
Witten is struggling with staying in his bed.  Shoot, staying in his brothers bed for that matter. He hasnt slept one night in his bed.  He starts off in Brocks bottom bunk then climbs to the top (with Brock) after about 30 minutes.  But we've woke up every morning with him in our bed.  He'll get there, I know!

Peace Out Hommies!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Day 9, Tuesday Nov. 9th
I am thankful having three kids. It is exhausting, trying and ALWAYS LOUD! It's chaos at its best. but I love it more than anything on this earth.  I could not imagine my life without the trio.  They fight, they pester, they tattle.  But they love each other intensely, they stand up for each other and when they are apart, they all miss each other. 
Brock is the caregiver, he loves to love the other two. He always fixes Emmi her morning cup of milk and he lets his younger brother climb in his bunk bed every night. He is sweet and sensitive, he is just a good kid.  He will still kiss me on the lips every night and with hesitation he will kiss me in car line. 
Witten is the protector, he will protect any and every one in the house.  His guns are blazing at all times. He is quiet and likes to be alone but hates to be left out.  He is always looking for out for his "brudder." He will snuggle with me when no one is looking.
Emmi, well, the only way to put it is that Emmi is the boss. She is ALWAYS to be found in the middle of the action.  She adores Brock and knows exactly how to work her magic on him. She is obsessed with Witten and loves to annoy his every being, but Witt isnt exactly as smitten with her as B is.  He's immuned to her love spells.  She is happy, silly and loves to dance. She is me thru and thru and I LOVE IT!!

Without the three of them, I would not be the woman the Lord is moulding me to be.  They have pushed me to limits I never thought possible, they have taught me to pray harder than I ever have before.  Often times, my motto is if you cant beat them, join them.  I adore their differences and thank God for their uniqueness.  Not all days are good but at the end of the day, they all hug each other good night and then tell me how much they love me.  Need I say more......

Peace Out Homies

Monday, November 8, 2010


DAY 8~  Today I am thankful for Silver Star's Steak Salad with the best Ranch in town! YUMMO!!

Peace Out Hommies!

DAY 7 (again on day 8)

Day 7~ I am so thankful for my church! WOWZA!!!
Today was truly the definition of praise and worship followed by a powerful message by Bro. John about Heaven.  I have to share some of the key points from his sermon!

*The Nature of Heaven
 ~is the presence and glory of God.
~ the bible refers to it as paradise.
~ there will be no sickness, no evil, no harm, no pain, no tears. ONLY JOY!
~ we will be perfected! (AMEN to finally getting the perfect figure!) Everything is going to be perfect!

*The State of Heaven
~ it is a very real place, there is no level of heaven. 

*The Place of Heaven
~Jesus says "I go before you and prepare a place for you." Therefore we are wanted, we are expected company.
~ Hell was created for Satan and his demons.  The bible says that Jesus expects ALL to be in Heaven, the bible refers to Heaven as our Promiseland.
~ In heaven we will be rested!!  (Ok at this point, I was so ready to jump up and say come on everybody lets go now!!  I can be skinny and rested!)

*The Person of Heaven
~ Jesus is the way, the only one, He gave His life for ALL. 
~ Jesus is the Truth and He is ALIVE. 

I'm telling you, church was good!!!

Peace Out Hommies!

DAY 6 (on day 8 due to no internet access at home yet)

DAY 6-  Today I am grateful for a great night sleep in the new house! The painters showed up bright and early to finish up the outside, the Directv guy showed up before 9 and the washer/dryer was delivered before 11.  All in was a GREAT day!

Peace Out Hommies!

Friday, November 5, 2010

DAY 3,4 & 5

Ok, So I have already stunk up the whole Thanks challenge! Its just bad timing....  We started moving and I am only blogging now, because of the nagging thats going on in the back of my head and because my body hurts so bad that I need a break in a bad way!!!!
So today FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2010  I am thankful for my Momma and Daddy!
Not just because they let me and my crazy, wild, loud family live with them for the last 6 months, but they taught me so much about life.  They taught me to use my manners, to treat people fairly, and to love and live for Jesus Christ.
I cannot find the words to write to express the gratitude I have for these two people.  I'm so blessed that they choose to be invested in my life even into adulthood.  They are the best parents and AMAZING grandparents to my three lucky children.  They are great examples of the kind of parents that Chris and I want to be to our trio!

Ok, the boxes are not going to unpack themselves and Emmi is carrying a load in her diaper.   Where's Chris when I need him?!?!

Peace Out Hommies!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Alright so I thought this posted last night but I'm assuming it didnt. The internet was going in and out due to the weather so it must have cut off before it posted, so let me try again!!


Today I am thankful for the gift of dance.  I have been giving the opportunity to do what I love again.
I work with the local Middle School's Danceline and I LOVE IT!!

I am so GRATEFUL that the Lord brought that back into my life again!! Now if I could only touch my foot to my face again!! 

Peace Out Hommies!

Monday, November 1, 2010


WOW!!  Today is November 1
Ok well, it seems that days are going by faster and faster!!

I have decided to challenge myself this month.
Being that this is the month of 'Thanks' thats exactly what I'm going to do.
I'm going to give thanks everyday this month.
I warn you, it may be very deep or just the simple thanks of cheetos.

So here we go! Ya ready?

Today I am thankful for Jesus Christ! He was, He is and He is to COME!
He has blessed me beyond measures.

Tonight we took the first of many loads to the house.  We just put the kids ride-on toys, bikes, and a few boxes in the garage.  Tomorrow the cleaning ladies clean the house top to bottom, then tomorrow night we can start moving in.  Friday the movers come with everything from our storage, so our first night will be Friday night! I can believe its really here!!

The end of July.

The end of October!

3 months!!  THREE AMAZING MONTHS! I watched my dream house come to life, board by board, brick by brick!