Friday, November 5, 2010

DAY 3,4 & 5

Ok, So I have already stunk up the whole Thanks challenge! Its just bad timing....  We started moving and I am only blogging now, because of the nagging thats going on in the back of my head and because my body hurts so bad that I need a break in a bad way!!!!
So today FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2010  I am thankful for my Momma and Daddy!
Not just because they let me and my crazy, wild, loud family live with them for the last 6 months, but they taught me so much about life.  They taught me to use my manners, to treat people fairly, and to love and live for Jesus Christ.
I cannot find the words to write to express the gratitude I have for these two people.  I'm so blessed that they choose to be invested in my life even into adulthood.  They are the best parents and AMAZING grandparents to my three lucky children.  They are great examples of the kind of parents that Chris and I want to be to our trio!

Ok, the boxes are not going to unpack themselves and Emmi is carrying a load in her diaper.   Where's Chris when I need him?!?!

Peace Out Hommies!

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