Thursday, November 18, 2010

DAY 16-18

Today I am so So SOOOOO THANKFUL for medicine! I have been completely out of commission the last three days.  My allergies have rocked my world, and not just mine, but CV's world, and my kids world.

I am also thankful for momma and daddy who came over Tuesday night to help out with the two babies while CV had Brock at football practice.  I was in bed by 5:30 Tuesday night, took about an hour nap, woke up again, helped get the kiddos to bed and then went back to bed at 8:30.  Wednesday night, I was WORSE! I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  So this morning I went to see my doctor.  By 10:00 am I had gotten two shots, a Z-pac and in the line at Starbucks! So my bucket may have felt like it got stung by 100 bees, but by all means, I was gonna be feeling better soon.

So by 4:00 this afternoon I was on a celestone BUZZ! And my front yard was full of boys and my ears were being blown off by my 2 yr old little girl!

By 6:00, I realized my Celestone Buzz was in FULL SWING! I even texted CV and warned him of what was going on at home, I think he was thankful to be at practice!!  ;)

By 7:30 pm, I had rearranged our living room furniture, cooked a full-blown meal, (Smothered steak, real mashed potatoes & gravy, and sweet corn) cleaned three bathrooms, swept the whole downstairs, organized a closet, bathed the babies, folded two loads of clothes.

So now its 10:00 pm, I'm finally starting to settle down, my body is aching (probably from the lifting of the couch, love seat and two recliners) and I'm watching Greys Anatomy! I feel so much better and happy to back in commission!

Thanks Dr. Davidson, you have my family back in order tonight!!

How about a cute pic of my lil diva


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