Monday, November 8, 2010

DAY 7 (again on day 8)

Day 7~ I am so thankful for my church! WOWZA!!!
Today was truly the definition of praise and worship followed by a powerful message by Bro. John about Heaven.  I have to share some of the key points from his sermon!

*The Nature of Heaven
 ~is the presence and glory of God.
~ the bible refers to it as paradise.
~ there will be no sickness, no evil, no harm, no pain, no tears. ONLY JOY!
~ we will be perfected! (AMEN to finally getting the perfect figure!) Everything is going to be perfect!

*The State of Heaven
~ it is a very real place, there is no level of heaven. 

*The Place of Heaven
~Jesus says "I go before you and prepare a place for you." Therefore we are wanted, we are expected company.
~ Hell was created for Satan and his demons.  The bible says that Jesus expects ALL to be in Heaven, the bible refers to Heaven as our Promiseland.
~ In heaven we will be rested!!  (Ok at this point, I was so ready to jump up and say come on everybody lets go now!!  I can be skinny and rested!)

*The Person of Heaven
~ Jesus is the way, the only one, He gave His life for ALL. 
~ Jesus is the Truth and He is ALIVE. 

I'm telling you, church was good!!!

Peace Out Hommies!

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