Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAY 11

Day 11~ Today I am thankful for waking up this morning and the sight I saw.  My alarm went off at 6:15 like it does every morning. I felt a large weight up against me and couldnt decide what it was.  I knew it was not Chris because the large object didnt feel hot enough. I knew it wasnt Emmi because the person wasn't talking and since Emmi never stops talking I knew it couldnt be her.  So I rolled my head over and to my surprise I just saw bright green everywhere.  Still in my sleepy haze my eyes could not recognize what this mass up against me was, then I remembered!!


It was a Ninja Turtle!! Witten had found Brock's old TMNT costume in one of the storage bins in the garage and put it on the night before.  He must have convinced his daddy to let him sleep in it.  So I rolled over and squeezed that turtle tight.

Then I heard something else, CV's alarm.  Hmmm.....  So where is Chris at???  Ok he must be asleep in the gameroom, so what would've made him to go in there to sleep??  So I reached my arm a little further past the sleeping Ninja and there she was!
A Sleeping Diva!!  Emmi had made her way to our room too.  No wonder CV went to the couch!

Isnt it funny how mother's will wake at the slightest hint of a sound when their babies are sick but when all are healthy we could sleep thru a hurricane! Well I can anyway! I think thats God's way of making sure I get the rest I need!

Peace Out Hommies!

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  1. Gosh I have been consumed in posting on my own blog I havnt been checking yours! Call me self absorbed if you must! Loving all your thankful posts. Too cute! You have aaaaa lot to be thankful for! Gorgeous family. I told my friends to check out your house especially the sink so now uv got some Mormon stalkers!!! Anyway love ya!