Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been sick for the last three weeks.  I had the sinus crud, then the WORSE Case of Stomach bug, now the sinus crud again.  I have fallen three times in the last month. Literally to the ground...  This last one, last week was a doozy. My foot is completely black and blue from it. My right knee is so bruised that I cant put pressure on it and my wrist is sore from catching myself.

I think my body is trying to tell me something...........................


Well, i gotta go fold my 4th load of laundry today and brush my teeth, go kiss the boys good night, pack lunches for school tomorrow and get my clothes laid out for in the morning! Then i really want to watch Desperate Housewives....


Saturday, February 13, 2010

So, many of you know that I share my Birthday with my absolute favorite girl! Emmi and I were treated to dinner at Kobes.  It was stellar (Theres my favorite word again) and Momma got us a fabulous cake!


Sneaux Day!!!

We had such a great Friday! It snowed several inches here and it was sneaux much fun!!!  Brock was at a friends house so I didnt get any pics of him, which I will always regret letting him go....but I got the friends mom to take pics of him in it.  So here are the pics of me and the babies in the sneaux!!!

This is Witten at Momma & Daddys the night before!
Our snowman!

You notice the red streaks running down her jacket...she was eating the eyes faster than I could get them in the snow!

So....Witten, What are you going to do with that giant snowball??

They were in PURE BLISS!!

Emmi, you better RUN!!!

After about an hour, Sister was DONE!!

We were so excited to have such a great day.  Jesus, you are too good to us!

Peace Out Homies!

Sweet Shoppe!

Ok here,  as promised I am taking the time to do is my Sweet Emmi's 2nd birthday party pictures!
making last minute preparationsmamaw & papawThats Witten hiding out!She didnt care for everyone singing to herWait...theres more??Showing Grandpa what he gave herDaddy & Mom Toms
After all the candles were blown out and the last guest left, Emmi went into the kitchen, kicked her boots off, got her cake and sat down on the floor and enjoyed it!  She truly is MY CHILD!

So as you can see it was one REAL SWEET DAY!! Thanks to all who came and shared it with us!

Peace Out Hommies!