Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunshine & Lollipops!!!

In honor of my baby girl's 2nd birthday coming up next week. I need to reminiscene over her last two years.  This is my last 2nd Birthday party to ever throw.  I remember having a hard time with this last year. The thought of throwing my last 1st birthday party EVER!!! Will I do this every year??? The answer to that is very easy and very predictable of me........most definietly YES!  I will always be sadden over every 'LAST' moment of my last baby.  What will I do with myself when she goes into Kindergarten??? And, I refuse to think about the big 'C' word

I think BPCC is a fine school!!

So sit back and relish in my emotional preview of my Sassy's last two years of her Dramatically Sweet life!!!

my biggest one yet! 8lbs 10 oz
Emmi meet Bubba!
3 months old

In her ride, thanks Aunt Sonya & Uncle David
At school, that bow is as big as her attitude!
My FAV Pic of my trio!! Ahhhh...be still my heart!
Sweet Em at school

my girl and my boys! minus Brock

Emmi at her party last year!!

Alright my friends. Thats all for tonight! I'm sure I'll be posting more.. and after this weekend. I'll have plenty to post of Emmi's Sweet Soiree!!  Stay tuned.  Til then.....

Peace Out Hommies!

Tracey V

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