Thursday, May 27, 2010

And she walks with Angels

Dear Blogging Friends!
I just needed to share that there is a CELEBRATION going on in heaven right now.  Angels are singing and horns are blowing! Mrs. Valerie Rockett went home to be with her eternal Father. She is walking with Jesus right now.  She has felt his nail-scarred hands and seen his nail-scarred feet.  Can imagine the joy she felt this evening when He walked up to her and said Job Well Done, my Good and Faithful Servant.

Because thats exactly what she was.  She was good. Oh so good! And happy! And Kind! And told all about Jesus and who He was and is and is to be!
She was faithful.  She was at peace from the moment she received her diagnosis to her last breath! She knew where she was going and excited to be going there.

I find myself sitting here crying uncontrollably, and my own mother is in the next room asleep.  But the thought of my friend at her house right now, hurting. And I cant help her!  I just want to wrap my arms around her and squeeze her.  Mrs. Val, I promise to take care of Stacy. Thank you for raising the amazing daughter you did.  I will miss you dar-lin!

In HIS complete Grace and Love,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nah, you Dar-lin!

Hi Blog, my name is Tracey, its been a while since we talked.

So, for the two of you (I am convinced that I have two regular followers, Thank you Emily and your mother Mrs. Sharon) Even my own mother doesnt read this as often as you two! OH! And my cousin Jac! Thank you for reading and more importantly commenting!

Ok, as you THREE know I have been bombarded with change.
*Left my job, which I LOVE more than alot of things in life.
*Moved out of the house that I raised my 3 bambinos, 2 of which were brought home to from the hospital, to move back into the house that I brought my first child home to from the hospital!


We are adjusting just fine! The kids are in Mimi heaven! They play outside all day and night and come in completely covered in FILTH!  The bathtubs are covered in sand and dirt!!
But as the momma I am, to me, that shows that they are having FUN! And that makes all the swooshing of the tubs worth it!
*Another closest friend is losing her mother.  Mrs. Valerie Rockett was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.  Mrs. Val, or Nah, as her grand children and my children (and myself) call her, chose not to have treatment but to enjoy her time left with all the people who love her dearly! 
The time is being cute shorter than the drs. first predicted.  Mrs. Val is prepared to go, but it is so hard for us here on earth to say good bye! Even though the cancer is fighting hard, Mrs. Vals heart is fighting harder.  Stacy told me a quote from her momma today, Mrs. Val said "I've worked hard all my life to keep my heart beating strong, and now my heart is my downfall.'
This is not my own mother, but it has been one of the hardest things I've dealt with internally. Nah hugged me every time I saw her, she ALWAYS called me 'Dar-lin' like a true Southern woman would! I just LOVE her so much.
But again tonight, I am reminded of the Child-like faith that God calls us to have. Me and CV were praying with our boys.  Brock always prays first. Tonight, he was going through his usuals that he always prays for.  But then he threw in a curve ball.  He prayed:  "I wanna pray for my friend Cameron's grandmaw, she is really sick.  I pray that you just come. Take her into heaven with you so she wont be sick anymore, She is really REALLY nice!
WOW!!  I couldnt have said it better myself! Thank you Brock for being my boy! Thank you for being an example of what God commands of me! To have a child-like faith!

Please keep my friend Stacy and her momma, Nah, in your prayers! I love you Dar-lin!

Peace Out Hommies!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proud Momma!!

So, as you know I'm so proud of all my babies. I think they are the cutest one I've ever seen.
YES...Even cuter than yours!  ;)
We have finally moved out of our house and into Momma & Daddys. So far so good. Chris and I are so grateful for them taking us in.  We're a wild bunch but we come full of happiness and love.  We try to focus on having fun together and making the most of everyday together! Here are some pics of the prettiest babies God ever made!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Most days I feel like I am treading water.  
Like I am doing great if my children go to bed each night, with out bruises and cuts all over themselves.
And some days they may have a bruise or two. 
But Not today!
Some days I feel like the 'Tracey Toms' I once knew, and to be quite honest, loved dearly is G.O.N.E.
Like all I'm here for is to change the 15th dirty diaper, to pick up after everyone under my roof, and to referee btw David and Goliath.  (BTW- Witt is Goliath, not Brock)
Some days I just want to Run Away.  To the nearest beach, the nearest ski mountain, or heck even the closest Walgreens for a moment of solitude!  
Today was good. No, Today was stellar! 
Today started like most.  Made pancakes with my boys. Emmi slept til 10.  (WHOOP!)
Chris came home around 11:30 from work and I was very ready to tag him in. 
The boys were driving me insane!
The fights were out of control! 
I try to let them solve their issues themselves and I punish both so that we dont have 'brother issues' when we're older! ;)  But after two hours of it, I was DONE! 
So I took about 3 mins and closed my eyes and just prayed for God to help me. Give me patience & strength.  Phill. 4:13!
We had a great family day! We went to see Brocks art piece displayed in ArtBreak. Which was a very proud moment for me. I am usually very thrilled to be 'Brocks momma' in the stands at ANY ball field, but today was different! It was a talent that was unknown to me. I have a great 7 year old!
Afterwards, we came home and just hung out! 
Brock went to Mimi and Grandpas to spend the night. Witten and Emmi hung out with me and CV. We had a hodge-podge for supper, some corndogs, frozen pizzas and rotel! Jamie Oliver would DIE!
CV put a movie on for Witten to watch before he went to bed. About 20 mins later I went in his room for a kiss and sleep had already come to claim my boy.  He laid there so peacefully. I just looked at him. I tend to always stare at my babes while they are dreaming. 
I called CV in to see him, so we tucked him under the covers and with his eyes still closed and half way out of dreamland, Witten said 'I'na see my Bubba!' still my beating heart! They DO love each other! 
I did good today! 
So tomorrow when Im treading that water again, I pray to remember that all I have to do is just plant my feet on the solid ground that lies beneath me. For God is my solid rock and will give me strength each day! I pray it for my friends who all have multiples, its hard most days, but moments like tonight make it worth while. And for the ones of you who just have one. I pray for you too, no matter how many kids you have or dont have, Satan thrives on us doubting ourselves and succumbing to his ways and not leaning on our Father to get us through each day!  

If only I could get all three of 'em to sit still long enough!  oh well...I'll try again tomorrow!

Peace Out Hommies!