Saturday, May 1, 2010


Most days I feel like I am treading water.  
Like I am doing great if my children go to bed each night, with out bruises and cuts all over themselves.
And some days they may have a bruise or two. 
But Not today!
Some days I feel like the 'Tracey Toms' I once knew, and to be quite honest, loved dearly is G.O.N.E.
Like all I'm here for is to change the 15th dirty diaper, to pick up after everyone under my roof, and to referee btw David and Goliath.  (BTW- Witt is Goliath, not Brock)
Some days I just want to Run Away.  To the nearest beach, the nearest ski mountain, or heck even the closest Walgreens for a moment of solitude!  
Today was good. No, Today was stellar! 
Today started like most.  Made pancakes with my boys. Emmi slept til 10.  (WHOOP!)
Chris came home around 11:30 from work and I was very ready to tag him in. 
The boys were driving me insane!
The fights were out of control! 
I try to let them solve their issues themselves and I punish both so that we dont have 'brother issues' when we're older! ;)  But after two hours of it, I was DONE! 
So I took about 3 mins and closed my eyes and just prayed for God to help me. Give me patience & strength.  Phill. 4:13!
We had a great family day! We went to see Brocks art piece displayed in ArtBreak. Which was a very proud moment for me. I am usually very thrilled to be 'Brocks momma' in the stands at ANY ball field, but today was different! It was a talent that was unknown to me. I have a great 7 year old!
Afterwards, we came home and just hung out! 
Brock went to Mimi and Grandpas to spend the night. Witten and Emmi hung out with me and CV. We had a hodge-podge for supper, some corndogs, frozen pizzas and rotel! Jamie Oliver would DIE!
CV put a movie on for Witten to watch before he went to bed. About 20 mins later I went in his room for a kiss and sleep had already come to claim my boy.  He laid there so peacefully. I just looked at him. I tend to always stare at my babes while they are dreaming. 
I called CV in to see him, so we tucked him under the covers and with his eyes still closed and half way out of dreamland, Witten said 'I'na see my Bubba!' still my beating heart! They DO love each other! 
I did good today! 
So tomorrow when Im treading that water again, I pray to remember that all I have to do is just plant my feet on the solid ground that lies beneath me. For God is my solid rock and will give me strength each day! I pray it for my friends who all have multiples, its hard most days, but moments like tonight make it worth while. And for the ones of you who just have one. I pray for you too, no matter how many kids you have or dont have, Satan thrives on us doubting ourselves and succumbing to his ways and not leaning on our Father to get us through each day!  

If only I could get all three of 'em to sit still long enough!  oh well...I'll try again tomorrow!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. Well said Tracey!! I loved reading that post...we all have those days. Sometimes I feel that everyday is chaos but God does get us through. Bless you for your sweet heart. And your babies are darling!!!

  2. Tracey, when my kids were little, the one chore I disliked the most was doing the laundry - no matter how much I did, it was never done! Hated it! Until I saw a Precious Moments picture with a frazzled mom with crying babies and dogs and cats and a big basket of dirty clothes, and a caption that said, "Loads of Love." It changed my whole attitude because I realized everything I did as a Mom was an act of love, for my children, for my husband, even the dogs and cats! Later I found a poster of that same mother, but instead of a laundry basket, she's holding two crying babies while another little one is pulling on her skirt, the dog has a baby bottle in its mouth, and the caption reads, "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength." Bless you, Tracey, and all the other young mothers who think they've misplaced themselves! You just don't recognize the truly beautiful woman you have become.

    Love, Sharon

    p.s. you should seriously think of writing a book