Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nah, you Dar-lin!

Hi Blog, my name is Tracey, its been a while since we talked.

So, for the two of you (I am convinced that I have two regular followers, Thank you Emily and your mother Mrs. Sharon) Even my own mother doesnt read this as often as you two! OH! And my cousin Jac! Thank you for reading and more importantly commenting!

Ok, as you THREE know I have been bombarded with change.
*Left my job, which I LOVE more than alot of things in life.
*Moved out of the house that I raised my 3 bambinos, 2 of which were brought home to from the hospital, to move back into the house that I brought my first child home to from the hospital!


We are adjusting just fine! The kids are in Mimi heaven! They play outside all day and night and come in completely covered in FILTH!  The bathtubs are covered in sand and dirt!!
But as the momma I am, to me, that shows that they are having FUN! And that makes all the swooshing of the tubs worth it!
*Another change.....my closest friend is losing her mother.  Mrs. Valerie Rockett was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.  Mrs. Val, or Nah, as her grand children and my children (and myself) call her, chose not to have treatment but to enjoy her time left with all the people who love her dearly! 
The time is being cute shorter than the drs. first predicted.  Mrs. Val is prepared to go, but it is so hard for us here on earth to say good bye! Even though the cancer is fighting hard, Mrs. Vals heart is fighting harder.  Stacy told me a quote from her momma today, Mrs. Val said "I've worked hard all my life to keep my heart beating strong, and now my heart is my downfall.'
This is not my own mother, but it has been one of the hardest things I've dealt with internally. Nah hugged me every time I saw her, she ALWAYS called me 'Dar-lin' like a true Southern woman would! I just LOVE her so much.
But again tonight, I am reminded of the Child-like faith that God calls us to have. Me and CV were praying with our boys.  Brock always prays first. Tonight, he was going through his usuals that he always prays for.  But then he threw in a curve ball.  He prayed:  "I wanna pray for my friend Cameron's grandmaw, she is really sick.  I pray that you just come. Take her into heaven with you so she wont be sick anymore, She is really REALLY nice!
WOW!!  I couldnt have said it better myself! Thank you Brock for being my boy! Thank you for being an example of what God commands of me! To have a child-like faith!

Please keep my friend Stacy and her momma, Nah, in your prayers! I love you Dar-lin!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. I was just thinking last night that I needed a new post to read! And we continue to pray for Stacy and family.

  2. So... I'm going to share some pretty important words that I have learned all too well - Cancer Sucks! Its as simple and as complicated as that!
    ...Love your blog - and I read it often!!! Heifer!
    Prayers of comfort and peace for Mrs. Valerie and her family!

  3. Mrs. Val must be a very special lady to have so many dear people(including you!)loving her. I can't imagine how tender these moments are between her and Stacy and the rest of her family. I will keep Mrs. Val and Stacy in my prayers. And Bless Brock's sweet, sweet heart!

    Love, Sharon