Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Friend....

This morning I saw a commercial for Grey's Anatomy on the Lifetime channel. It was a woman asking who she wanted as her BFF from Greys Anatomy.   The woman chose George.  Then she asked who she wanted for her lover....
 Her lover??  Really?? Thats the best you come up with Lifetime??  LOVER???......DUMB
For those of you Greys Fans...of course she chose McDreamy.  That was the obvious answer.
Anywho-So as I was walking back to my bathroom, I started thinking........ What friend would I want from the show...and after about 3 seconds, I knew exactly which one I wanted as my BFF.

Christina Yang.

I love how her and Meredith are with one another. They are my favorite relationship to watch! 
I want my BFF to be honest with me all the time. I love how they skip all formality.  There is no fake 'Hey how are you?  Thats great! Yeah Im good.'  NOPE~ Just cut the crap and get right to it.  They laugh together.  They cry together. But all in all, They just GET each other.  They can finish sentences and thoughts from one another.  A true friend is someone who can sit on a back porch with you and never say a word and have the BEST conversation.  Just sayin....

Peace Out Hommies!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Crawfish Boil!

After Church on Sunday, was our annual Crawfish Boil. We didnt attend last year for some reason that I cannot remember now, but we DID this year. It was so much fun. Even if I didn't eat any of the bugs YUCK!
We still had so much fun being surrounded by our Church family!  
Our A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Church Family!

There they are! The BUGS!

CV showing Bradley Fream how to do it right!

Our Group minus Kim and the Dunks!

The many faces of my boy!

Emmi and her Booty Shorts

It was time to head home! 

Well, To be from Louisiana, I am the worst representation of what we Cajuns eat! I hate shrimp, crawfish, anything seafood really. Its the smell!! It ruins my appetite the minute seafood hits the table. Even if its on CV's plate! Oh well!! I'll stick to my Tex-Mex food anyday!

Peace Out Hommies!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

No P in our OOL!

Do you get my title?? I stole it actually from one of Brocks A&F tshirts!
for those of you that dont get means No Pee in our Pool!

So this afternoon, me and my #2 went for a little outing. We had several stops on our little get-a-way.
1) Willow Chute for an medium coke ICEE -did you guys know that the Mediums are now the old Large size?
2) Mimi & Grandpas house- had to get clothes and food since our closing has now been pushed back two more weeks.
3) FREDS- we went looking for something fun to do in the sun!  We walked out with a big plastic Blue pool and ice cream bars for everyone!
* A sweet little elderly lady who was checking out in front of us, asked to buy Witten an ice cream bar.  At first I did the polite, typical "You really dont have to do that. He's gonna get it anyways' thing, but she insisted,  so...she handed my baby two $1 bills.  Now to those of you who do know my Witten, knows that he is NOT likely to be polite to strangers. He usually gives his scrunched up eyes and growls.
(Please raise your hand if you've been given the Witten growl.  Thank you!   Thank you ma'am! Yes you in the back, thank you!)
If you do not know what the growl looks like, let me enlighten you!
Yup there it is! How about one more?

There it is! This was the face I was expecting for that sweet lady to receive.  But instead, he gave her the most precious smile and said his most precious 'gank you!' 

So, we went home to find CV mowing the yard. Witt was screaming to Daddy from the car 'Daddy we got a pool!'  I pulled out the pool from the trunk and we immediately took it to the backyard. I told Witt to go get his swimsuit on.  He was all but naked in about 3.5 seconds
#3 was awake and ready for the newest adventure that was taking place in our house. We got her swimsuit on and she was a little anxious about it, but she looked adorable! 
Here are some pics from our 2.5 hours out in the sun in our new pool.  The water was a little less than freezing, but that didnt slow Witten down one bit.  

Good times! Good Times!

Peace Out Hommies

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I wanna walk like a.....CAMEL!

I had a pretty cool day today! 
We went on my FAVORITE field trip.
We went to Gator & Friends Park! I love it out there. Its so clean and interesting. I love going in the spring time to see all the babies that are there! Just wanted to share our experience! 

Just altogether a great day at the park! With great kids! And great Ladies!
Peace Out Hommies!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 6 letter dirty word!

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

Change just Sucks....excuse that word.  (Momma dont fuss) but thats the best word I could come up! I hate CHANGE! Being raised as an only child was something I cherished.  I loved being with my momma & daddy all the time by myself. I loved being alone in my room.  I loved the not having to deal with drama or squabbles.  But at the same time, being raised as the only child in the house hinders you.  I didn't realize this until I got to college and had to learn to share, learn to squabble and have to move on afterwards, and learn that quietness was something I should've CHERISHED!!  But the biggest thing about being the center of my own world, is that Change was something I never had to deal with.
So thankful that my parents are still married b/c I know divorce is something I couldn't possibly handle.  I have always known that change is something I dont accept easily!
I bawled like a baby on the 1st day of Senior Year in High School (That was our last first day of school)
I cried hysterically when momma and daddy moved me into the dorms.
I had a meltdown the day I got married (only b/c that whole breaking off from your mom & daddy to become one thing just wasnt something I really wanted to do)
So you get it..... I DONT DO CHANGE!!

Well, there is so much CHANGE coming in my very near future that only by the Grace of GOD am I still standing.  And probably this whole blogging thing helps! I can get it all out and then shut the computer off and not think about it again!
Ok, so lets discuss the changes coming my way!
1.) moving out of my house.  which yall have already heard about.  The positive note on that one???  I get to move back into momma & daddys house!! YAY!!
2.) I'm moving back into my parents house! With my husband, 47 children, their dog, bird (which is Satans spawn) and we are possibly adding to our family (only the 4-legged kind of additions, not 2-legged)
3.) Im leaving my job which I love and adore.
4.) Im going to work with my parents and husband!

Yeah! are not my friend!
I like being comfortable. I do not like having to learn something new. I like to perfect what I'm already good at! I like ease and stability.

So, one more time! Say it with me.  On THREE!




ya ready?



Peace Out Hommies!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Too Funny~

Chris called me this morning with the funniest story about Brock, so I just had to share!  
Just  a little background for ya!
Every morning Chris gets up at 4:30, goes and runs, workout, and gets dressed and THEN comes home by 7:15 to help me get the kids ready and dressed for school.  He always takes Brock to school in the morning. 

OK, ya ready for some giggles?

So, the two of them were sitting in car line and Brock says out of nowhere.  
B: "Dad, did you know that I can look at someone and tell what month they were born in?"
CV: " NO I had no idea you could do that Brock?!?!"  (Secretly dying laughing to himself)
B: " Yeah, like you see that girl right there? She was born in May!"
CV: "Really?!?!  Well what about that teacher??"
B: "Oh thats easy! She was born in December!"
CV: " Oh really?? Ok, well what about me? What month do I look like I was born in?"
B: " You look like you were born in April."
CV: "But I was born in March!"
B: " I know!! But you look like you were born in April!"

CV was dying laughing!!  He couldn't believe how funny and clever this child is! 
BTW... CV and I are already getting payback on acting like we dont have parents in front of our friends.  The other morning when CV was dropping B off, he pulled up to the front of the carline and B was getting out. Like every morning, CV said I love you B.  And usually B says I love you too Dad. But this morning there was no response.  CV repeated himself. BROCK I LOVE YOU!! B just turned and gave him 'the look'  You know the look! The 'I cant believe youre speaking to me right now in front of all of these little people that I go to school with everyday' look!  
Well, this morning when CV dropped him off, CV made sure that B would NEVER do that again.. CV yelled and hollered in front of a bunch of teachers and student!!  B messed with the wrong parent!!!!

Happy Friday!  
Peace Out Hommies!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Monday night!

We are moving out of our house this weekend. 
- Please take a moment and sing a Hallelujah song-
As badly as I wanted to sell this house, now that its time for us to move out, I cant help but be heavy hearted! This house has been much more than a home, its been our haven! 
In December of 2005, I walked into this house, and I knew...
This was IT! This was the house that we would grow in.  
We GREW alright!
So much that we have Outgrown it!

When I bought this house, Chris was playing football in Miami. He stepped off the plane to come home and I took him straight to see our new house.  He loved it instantly too! When we moved in, it was just the three of us! Chris, Myself, and Brock. He was three years old! 

Five years later, and we're moving on! Brock is now 7 years old.  He is a big brother to Witten who is 3.5 years old and Emmi is 2.  We've had a dog, Belle. But she outgrew the backyard! So, she had to go!

So as we spend the last week in our house, I am reminiscing on so much that has happened over the last 5 years. I thank God for the chance to grow in this house.  I thank Him for the roof He provided over my family's head.  There are many hand-prints that have been covered up with paint, many art projects too.  (Flat paint is terrible) I always pray that my children will remember this home, their childhood home. I hope they remember the laughter that was shared here, the friends that came to visit and the stories of God we told in the bathtub!
I pray they remember every Halloween Boo Bash. I pray they can remember the pancake parties we had when schools would close on holidays. I hope Witten remembers how much he loves to use our front yard as his personal urinal. I pray Brock remembers learning to ride his bike with no training wheels on our street.  I will use pictures to show Emmi how her wardrobe took over two closets! 
What can you say?? She's a girl! 

But the one thing I cherish most about this house, is that this is where I brought my two babies home to! Brock was already 3, and he and I spent NYE 2006 in this house all by ourselves. I love that I brought Witten Macabe home to this house, where Brock would read to him in his bed.  A year and a half later, (yeah you read that right) I brought my baby girl home here! My family was completed in this house! A family I've dreamt of having since I was little girl!

I love this house, but ultimately, it is just a house.  What I love about this house, I am bringing with me!

Peace Out Hommies!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deep Thoughts.....

I've been thinking of alot about this lady that comes into Witt's therapy place this past week. Every time she comes into the waiting room, she hugs EVERYONE in the room. Including myself and Emmi. Now, I know she doesnt know my name, for I sure do not know hers. But she seems to just have deep-rooted JOY! 
Joy is something that I strive to have.  I love and aspire to be like women who seem to be filled with Joy. And not the kind that is surface.  I want Deep, True, JOY.  The kind that is only achieved from having a Christ-like heart! 
I just want to scream happiness.  


So thats something that I am working on every day. And sometimes its something I have to work on hourly.
Ok who am I kidding, sometimes I work by the minute to remind myself that I WILL HAVE JOY in my heart! Right now! This very moment.
While I'm trying to cook supper, clean the sticky-red kool aid that was spilled earlier in the afternoon, Brock is screaming about Emmi's poopy diaper, Emmi has a poopy diaper, Witt is wanting Orange Juice. BAM! Witten's finger is now stuck in the door That Emmi has slammed shut.  And Chris has stepped out for an errand.   

NO! I will not let the devil steal my joy! 

I WILL HAVE JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart!
Heres a pic of my sweet baby boy! We went to Mimi and Grandpas house for just a second and Witt just sat down to take in the view!!  I love how he loves it here! I feel the same way about this house!

Peace Out Hommies

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just some cute pics of some cute kids!

She got caught...The entire bathroom was COVERED in toothpaste!
They are so sweet! But this is when they are sweetest to each other!

Peace Out Hommies!

I swear...last pics!

Yes, that is Yellow Snow! We went to the park and Witt pulled his pants down in the middle of the park and did his business...I love that boy!

Papaw found where some beavers had been hard at work!

More sky pics! It was just so pretty!

I thought this was pretty clever!

The guys on the ski lift!

Our skis

Taos ski lodge!

A store we pass on the way to Taos ski Lodge. The sign says:
What a great be a girl!
I couldnt agree more!

Ok, I promise I'm done with the pics from our trip! Thanks for taking several hours and looking! 

Peace Out Hommies!