Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red River

Ok guys! Thanks for being patient and going through all these pics! We had so much fun. I am already counting the days to next years trip!

Happy Birthday Nona!

My little Picaso

So intense!

Talking to Mimi

HEY! Look who we found, The Duckworths! Poor Witt was NOT happy! (Thats him in the background on the bench)

The view from our house!

Brock tubing down Strawberry Hill!

Witt & Daddy bringing their tube back up! W was so proud of himself!

A creek! Im working on my photo skills!

She thought this was the best thing she had EVER done! 

We got snowed in the day we were trying to leave. This is Papa Jim & Danettes house. Thats my car covered in snow. We decided to just drive home early the next morning!

Brock loved this icicle!

The snow came up to my boots!

Witt eating the Snow Ice Cream Nona made!

The Dairy Bar, how I wish you were in Benton, LA. You were almost a daily stop for us!
Peace Out Hommies, til next year!

CV and I couldn't get over the different shades of blue in the sky.  Ok, CV is colored blind and couldnt really see it so I was trying to describe it to him. I snapped it for y'all!

So Long in the car, so tired of the car, not so pretty in the car!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. i love al of these pics. what a fun trip. gorgeous and COLD! your kids are hilarious. i noticed in the last pic of you flashing gang signs cv is texting while driving. oprah would have a fit!

  2. Oprah would have a fit on so many levels of how I live my life.