Saturday, April 24, 2010

No P in our OOL!

Do you get my title?? I stole it actually from one of Brocks A&F tshirts!
for those of you that dont get means No Pee in our Pool!

So this afternoon, me and my #2 went for a little outing. We had several stops on our little get-a-way.
1) Willow Chute for an medium coke ICEE -did you guys know that the Mediums are now the old Large size?
2) Mimi & Grandpas house- had to get clothes and food since our closing has now been pushed back two more weeks.
3) FREDS- we went looking for something fun to do in the sun!  We walked out with a big plastic Blue pool and ice cream bars for everyone!
* A sweet little elderly lady who was checking out in front of us, asked to buy Witten an ice cream bar.  At first I did the polite, typical "You really dont have to do that. He's gonna get it anyways' thing, but she insisted,  so...she handed my baby two $1 bills.  Now to those of you who do know my Witten, knows that he is NOT likely to be polite to strangers. He usually gives his scrunched up eyes and growls.
(Please raise your hand if you've been given the Witten growl.  Thank you!   Thank you ma'am! Yes you in the back, thank you!)
If you do not know what the growl looks like, let me enlighten you!
Yup there it is! How about one more?

There it is! This was the face I was expecting for that sweet lady to receive.  But instead, he gave her the most precious smile and said his most precious 'gank you!' 

So, we went home to find CV mowing the yard. Witt was screaming to Daddy from the car 'Daddy we got a pool!'  I pulled out the pool from the trunk and we immediately took it to the backyard. I told Witt to go get his swimsuit on.  He was all but naked in about 3.5 seconds
#3 was awake and ready for the newest adventure that was taking place in our house. We got her swimsuit on and she was a little anxious about it, but she looked adorable! 
Here are some pics from our 2.5 hours out in the sun in our new pool.  The water was a little less than freezing, but that didnt slow Witten down one bit.  

Good times! Good Times!

Peace Out Hommies

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  1. i am literally flippn out! your child is you! seriously reminds me of those pics in mamaws old house. when you were a little lady. and witt is cv! but where is my bird post? katie want a cracker type thing or eating out of your moms mouth! ill take either