Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deep Thoughts.....

I've been thinking of alot about this lady that comes into Witt's therapy place this past week. Every time she comes into the waiting room, she hugs EVERYONE in the room. Including myself and Emmi. Now, I know she doesnt know my name, for I sure do not know hers. But she seems to just have deep-rooted JOY! 
Joy is something that I strive to have.  I love and aspire to be like women who seem to be filled with Joy. And not the kind that is surface.  I want Deep, True, JOY.  The kind that is only achieved from having a Christ-like heart! 
I just want to scream happiness.  


So thats something that I am working on every day. And sometimes its something I have to work on hourly.
Ok who am I kidding, sometimes I work by the minute to remind myself that I WILL HAVE JOY in my heart! Right now! This very moment.
While I'm trying to cook supper, clean the sticky-red kool aid that was spilled earlier in the afternoon, Brock is screaming about Emmi's poopy diaper, Emmi has a poopy diaper, Witt is wanting Orange Juice. BAM! Witten's finger is now stuck in the door That Emmi has slammed shut.  And Chris has stepped out for an errand.   

NO! I will not let the devil steal my joy! 

I WILL HAVE JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart!
Heres a pic of my sweet baby boy! We went to Mimi and Grandpas house for just a second and Witt just sat down to take in the view!!  I love how he loves it here! I feel the same way about this house!

Peace Out Hommies


  1. i love this post. gosh this makes me feel JOY! u are a great little writer. just seeing that pic makes me wana cry. i miss it so much! the fish frys and fireworks, sipping as many icees as we could from 10 am to 10 pm. riding on the jetskis for hours. nintendo, swimming off the deck. throwing balls for your dogs to fetch. buck and abby! eating queso and popsicles! your moms homeade mac n cheese. the camero with t tops. going back and forth from golf cars of la to your house, your mom calling to check on us 15x a day, sleeping in the same tiny bed and you chatting on the phone for hours all thru the night, thank you for always putting up with your annoying cousin all summer long! you are the best. i think im gona read this post every time im having a bad day.

  2. aww....Jac! What I wouldn't give for one more summer with me and you and bring 16 again. I wish so bad that our girls could be close and have memories like we have together! I love you!!!