Sunday, April 4, 2010

I swear...last pics!

Yes, that is Yellow Snow! We went to the park and Witt pulled his pants down in the middle of the park and did his business...I love that boy!

Papaw found where some beavers had been hard at work!

More sky pics! It was just so pretty!

I thought this was pretty clever!

The guys on the ski lift!

Our skis

Taos ski lodge!

A store we pass on the way to Taos ski Lodge. The sign says:
What a great be a girl!
I couldnt agree more!

Ok, I promise I'm done with the pics from our trip! Thanks for taking several hours and looking! 

Peace Out Hommies!

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  1. yellow snow, beavers you got all the good stuff on your trip! dang im jealous. i am a little disappointed tho that there is no chris pics flying down the ski hill and you going from one side to the other. it is hailing rite now at my house. maybe tay can go pee in it