Friday, April 16, 2010

Too Funny~

Chris called me this morning with the funniest story about Brock, so I just had to share!  
Just  a little background for ya!
Every morning Chris gets up at 4:30, goes and runs, workout, and gets dressed and THEN comes home by 7:15 to help me get the kids ready and dressed for school.  He always takes Brock to school in the morning. 

OK, ya ready for some giggles?

So, the two of them were sitting in car line and Brock says out of nowhere.  
B: "Dad, did you know that I can look at someone and tell what month they were born in?"
CV: " NO I had no idea you could do that Brock?!?!"  (Secretly dying laughing to himself)
B: " Yeah, like you see that girl right there? She was born in May!"
CV: "Really?!?!  Well what about that teacher??"
B: "Oh thats easy! She was born in December!"
CV: " Oh really?? Ok, well what about me? What month do I look like I was born in?"
B: " You look like you were born in April."
CV: "But I was born in March!"
B: " I know!! But you look like you were born in April!"

CV was dying laughing!!  He couldn't believe how funny and clever this child is! 
BTW... CV and I are already getting payback on acting like we dont have parents in front of our friends.  The other morning when CV was dropping B off, he pulled up to the front of the carline and B was getting out. Like every morning, CV said I love you B.  And usually B says I love you too Dad. But this morning there was no response.  CV repeated himself. BROCK I LOVE YOU!! B just turned and gave him 'the look'  You know the look! The 'I cant believe youre speaking to me right now in front of all of these little people that I go to school with everyday' look!  
Well, this morning when CV dropped him off, CV made sure that B would NEVER do that again.. CV yelled and hollered in front of a bunch of teachers and student!!  B messed with the wrong parent!!!!

Happy Friday!  
Peace Out Hommies!


  1. I love it!!! Brock is so funny! And Chris cracks me up!!! I can't wait until Belle is big enough for me to embarrass! :) Tell Chris I'm taking notes. I will never forget his "I heart Brock" shirt!!!

  2. Loooooovvveeee it, yall are hilarious, and your kids even funnier!

  3. WHat a precious post!! Love it!! Have a wonderful weekend.