Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 6 letter dirty word!

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

Change just Sucks....excuse that word.  (Momma dont fuss) but thats the best word I could come up! I hate CHANGE! Being raised as an only child was something I cherished.  I loved being with my momma & daddy all the time by myself. I loved being alone in my room.  I loved the not having to deal with drama or squabbles.  But at the same time, being raised as the only child in the house hinders you.  I didn't realize this until I got to college and had to learn to share, learn to squabble and have to move on afterwards, and learn that quietness was something I should've CHERISHED!!  But the biggest thing about being the center of my own world, is that Change was something I never had to deal with.
So thankful that my parents are still married b/c I know divorce is something I couldn't possibly handle.  I have always known that change is something I dont accept easily!
I bawled like a baby on the 1st day of Senior Year in High School (That was our last first day of school)
I cried hysterically when momma and daddy moved me into the dorms.
I had a meltdown the day I got married (only b/c that whole breaking off from your mom & daddy to become one thing just wasnt something I really wanted to do)
So you get it..... I DONT DO CHANGE!!

Well, there is so much CHANGE coming in my very near future that only by the Grace of GOD am I still standing.  And probably this whole blogging thing helps! I can get it all out and then shut the computer off and not think about it again!
Ok, so lets discuss the changes coming my way!
1.) moving out of my house.  which yall have already heard about.  The positive note on that one???  I get to move back into momma & daddys house!! YAY!!
2.) I'm moving back into my parents house! With my husband, 47 children, their dog, bird (which is Satans spawn) and we are possibly adding to our family (only the 4-legged kind of additions, not 2-legged)
3.) Im leaving my job which I love and adore.
4.) Im going to work with my parents and husband!

Yeah! are not my friend!
I like being comfortable. I do not like having to learn something new. I like to perfect what I'm already good at! I like ease and stability.

So, one more time! Say it with me.  On THREE!




ya ready?



Peace Out Hommies!


  1. Praying for you Tracey as you adapt to all the new and exciting challenges in your future. But what an AWESOME God we serve. His plan is so much bigger than yours!! It was great seeing you too this weekend!!

  2. interesting info! there better be some good stories coming outa this change. especially the "bird" can you please do a post strictly on that. o and i want a family pic of you all wearing your golf cars of la polo shirts! how great tho really. everyone being together working hard and sipping icees! you all crack me up. i would love to just hang around that office

  3. Just read this and thought - how funny!!! Probably not funny to you though:-) I may have to join your blog to keep my sanity. At least I am not the only one that can't stand CHANGE!!!! Hope it all works out for you. I bet your husband is not liking the the change all that much either:-)

  4. Oh, Hey...this is Aimee Duchesne Barr:-) I saw your blog from Suzanne's:-)