Monday, April 26, 2010

Crawfish Boil!

After Church on Sunday, was our annual Crawfish Boil. We didnt attend last year for some reason that I cannot remember now, but we DID this year. It was so much fun. Even if I didn't eat any of the bugs YUCK!
We still had so much fun being surrounded by our Church family!  
Our A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Church Family!

There they are! The BUGS!

CV showing Bradley Fream how to do it right!

Our Group minus Kim and the Dunks!

The many faces of my boy!

Emmi and her Booty Shorts

It was time to head home! 

Well, To be from Louisiana, I am the worst representation of what we Cajuns eat! I hate shrimp, crawfish, anything seafood really. Its the smell!! It ruins my appetite the minute seafood hits the table. Even if its on CV's plate! Oh well!! I'll stick to my Tex-Mex food anyday!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. o yay! gosh this just makes me smile. do you even know how many years its been since iv been to a crawfish boil! you are living the life. i noticed cv had quite a few on his plate. did he eat them all?

  2. Jac, seriously??? did he eat them all? Not only did he eat them all, he ate TWO plates of them. Meanwhile, I couldnt even finish my sandwich!

    But I agree, I AM living the life. You could too. Get your bootay on a plane with your two babies and spend some time with us!!