Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red River Day 2

Red River Day 2- consisted mainly of more driving time. We spent the night in Amarillo, Tx.  The kids handle this trip so well.  I'm always so amazed at how a small tv, two movies, some Pez dispensers and bubble gum can make a 14 hr drive in the car a breeze.  I think CV wishes I was as easily entertained as the kids are.  Needless to say, I did lots of Words with Friends (an iPhone app) and FB (facebook) stalking. I know many of you alot better now than I did before we left Bossier City.
One cool thing did happen, we got news of an offer coming in on our house. My awesome realtor (Stacy) faxed us the offer that morning to the hotel, it wasnt what we were looking for, we ultimately rejected the mans offer.  Enjoy the pics from Day 2.....

New Mexico, you have been warned...

The Van Hoys are officially in your land!!

Picture Willie Nelson singing here  "On the Road Again"

Papaw appreciates my need for pictures. He stopped for this pic!

FINALLY.....we see the mountains!

Eagles Nest, NM..Last year we could see the lake. this year it was just snow, Snow, SNOW!

There it IS!! RED RIVER, New Mexico!

Every time I read this sign, I think, oh if they only knew.....

Once we got to the house, we had the annual Snow ball fight.  The snow was so thick this year, we couldnt make our snowman. We unpacked and got settled and headed straight to our favorite Italian restaurant.  We had only ONE mishap during the trip...NO running water. Thankfully the next door neighbors let us use their house. 
This was his heaven! He enjoyed the snow way too much. I told CV we'll lose him to the mountains as soon as he hits 18!

Not this one so much.

My precious babies. You make my life have meaning! God out did his self with you three!

My angel! 

Peace Out Hommies!

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