Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Monday night!

We are moving out of our house this weekend. 
- Please take a moment and sing a Hallelujah song-
As badly as I wanted to sell this house, now that its time for us to move out, I cant help but be heavy hearted! This house has been much more than a home, its been our haven! 
In December of 2005, I walked into this house, and I knew...
This was IT! This was the house that we would grow in.  
We GREW alright!
So much that we have Outgrown it!

When I bought this house, Chris was playing football in Miami. He stepped off the plane to come home and I took him straight to see our new house.  He loved it instantly too! When we moved in, it was just the three of us! Chris, Myself, and Brock. He was three years old! 

Five years later, and we're moving on! Brock is now 7 years old.  He is a big brother to Witten who is 3.5 years old and Emmi is 2.  We've had a dog, Belle. But she outgrew the backyard! So, she had to go!

So as we spend the last week in our house, I am reminiscing on so much that has happened over the last 5 years. I thank God for the chance to grow in this house.  I thank Him for the roof He provided over my family's head.  There are many hand-prints that have been covered up with paint, many art projects too.  (Flat paint is terrible) I always pray that my children will remember this home, their childhood home. I hope they remember the laughter that was shared here, the friends that came to visit and the stories of God we told in the bathtub!
I pray they remember every Halloween Boo Bash. I pray they can remember the pancake parties we had when schools would close on holidays. I hope Witten remembers how much he loves to use our front yard as his personal urinal. I pray Brock remembers learning to ride his bike with no training wheels on our street.  I will use pictures to show Emmi how her wardrobe took over two closets! 
What can you say?? She's a girl! 

But the one thing I cherish most about this house, is that this is where I brought my two babies home to! Brock was already 3, and he and I spent NYE 2006 in this house all by ourselves. I love that I brought Witten Macabe home to this house, where Brock would read to him in his bed.  A year and a half later, (yeah you read that right) I brought my baby girl home here! My family was completed in this house! A family I've dreamt of having since I was little girl!

I love this house, but ultimately, it is just a house.  What I love about this house, I am bringing with me!

Peace Out Hommies!


  1. Yeah for memories and what blessings God has brought to your family. I know you will have many more memories in your new home as well! Congrats on the move!

  2. Awesome....Iam so proud of MY baby girl...You've grown into a beautiful mother, wife and daughter

  3. aunt vicki comments????? i love it. i too am so proud. you learned from a amazing mother tho. cant wait to see pics of your new house. gosh emi with 2 closets...she is your child. i still remember your jewelry collections. it was so exciting coming and seeing what fun stuff you had that i could dig thru for hours and ask a million questions about it all. hahahahahahahaha

  4. Can you imagine what wonderful adventures are waiting for you in your new home?!? How exciting!

    Love, Sharon