Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneaux Day!!!

We had such a great Friday! It snowed several inches here and it was sneaux much fun!!!  Brock was at a friends house so I didnt get any pics of him, which I will always regret letting him go....but I got the friends mom to take pics of him in it.  So here are the pics of me and the babies in the sneaux!!!

This is Witten at Momma & Daddys the night before!
Our snowman!

You notice the red streaks running down her jacket...she was eating the eyes faster than I could get them in the snow!

So....Witten, What are you going to do with that giant snowball??

They were in PURE BLISS!!

Emmi, you better RUN!!!

After about an hour, Sister was DONE!!

We were so excited to have such a great day.  Jesus, you are too good to us!

Peace Out Homies!


  1. Great snow pictures - I love the kids' happy faces, and the candy-eyed snowman, too!

    Love, Sharon

  2. o wow. i am actually impressed. emi is my fav with the candy. too funny