Saturday, November 20, 2010

DAY 20

Saturday November 20.
Today I'm thankful for what I found on Facebook tonight.  Two years ago, I wrote this "note" on FB, everyone was doing so what the heck.... I might as well too! I re-read it tonight and laughed at how in 2 years some things were the same but some were different!
Just wanted to share!

1. I hate being 6 ft tall, prefer 5'13' 
2. My favorite time of day is early morning when all are asleep and Im drinking my first cup of coffee.
 *Not now, no one beats Emerson Lee up in the morning!
3. I dont remember life before text messaging. 
4. I have a 6yr son who is me through and through, except his face, thats CV! *Brock is now 8! WOW 8!!!
5. I dont like when people say: "I'm the type of person who..." just show me, dont tell me. 
6. I cherish the way Chris and I always look at one another when something makes us laugh. 
7. I miss dancing every single day of my life. *Not now, I'm back to dancing!!
8. I have a two yr who is Chris in every way except his face, thats me! *Witten is now 4!
9. I only drink OJ in wine goblets, it just tastes better. *I dont even own wine goblets now!
10. My husband bought me an original nintendo a few yrs ago. 
11. I have a brother and a sister but grew up an only child. 
12. I have been watching the Young and the Restless everyday for 6 years. I dont even like it anymore but.....everyday I still watch it. 
13. I was born with a bad kidney. 
14. I love my job! *Even though its a different one, I still love it!
15. I love romance, I'll take it any where I can get it. Movies, shows, vampire books...whatever! *I'm over Twilight!
16. I cant stand high heels. They make me fall. 
17. I am that girl at the redlight that sings to herself in the rearview mirror like a rockstar on stage in central park with 1,000,000,000 fans screaming my name, with bright lights and backup dancers, Sequins outfits, a gold microphone, blue eyeshadow, curly hair, a gigantic tour bus, and Steven Tyler Perry playing the guitar. 
18. I love The Bachelor and refuse to believe that at the reunion show they are not already broken up! 
19. I have a beautiful daughter that has more clothes than chris and I together. 
20. I care what people think. 
21. I pray for almost a solid hour in the mornings. 
22. I will always remember how I felt the first time I kissed Chris Van Hoy, the boy with the scar. 
23. My favorite verse is 1Thess. 5:16-18. 
24. I have the most wonderful friends now than I have ever had in my life. 
25. I am in awe of the way the Lord has given me so much.  *This has never been more true in my life! God is ever so present.  

Peace Out Hommies!

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