Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Day 9, Tuesday Nov. 9th
I am thankful having three kids. It is exhausting, trying and ALWAYS LOUD! It's chaos at its best. but I love it more than anything on this earth.  I could not imagine my life without the trio.  They fight, they pester, they tattle.  But they love each other intensely, they stand up for each other and when they are apart, they all miss each other. 
Brock is the caregiver, he loves to love the other two. He always fixes Emmi her morning cup of milk and he lets his younger brother climb in his bunk bed every night. He is sweet and sensitive, he is just a good kid.  He will still kiss me on the lips every night and with hesitation he will kiss me in car line. 
Witten is the protector, he will protect any and every one in the house.  His guns are blazing at all times. He is quiet and likes to be alone but hates to be left out.  He is always looking for out for his "brudder." He will snuggle with me when no one is looking.
Emmi, well, the only way to put it is that Emmi is the boss. She is ALWAYS to be found in the middle of the action.  She adores Brock and knows exactly how to work her magic on him. She is obsessed with Witten and loves to annoy his every being, but Witt isnt exactly as smitten with her as B is.  He's immuned to her love spells.  She is happy, silly and loves to dance. She is me thru and thru and I LOVE IT!!

Without the three of them, I would not be the woman the Lord is moulding me to be.  They have pushed me to limits I never thought possible, they have taught me to pray harder than I ever have before.  Often times, my motto is if you cant beat them, join them.  I adore their differences and thank God for their uniqueness.  Not all days are good but at the end of the day, they all hug each other good night and then tell me how much they love me.  Need I say more......

Peace Out Homies

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