Monday, December 28, 2009

Independence Bowl 2009

We went to the I-Bowl again this year! It was a good time but I didnt really care for either teams so I just sat there and froze. But to distract myself from my toes and fingers going numb, I stuffed my face with nachos and then a funnel cake.  Yeah! Those 3 lbs that are hiding on my bumm are not going away any faster!  Here are some pics! Enjoy!

He's always being stoic in pics....except this one!

Me and CV

Jb & Me


  1. mmm that sounds yummy! and what was it 50 degrees! you baby

  2. umm....listen Mormon.. It was like 40 something. Ok?!?!
    In all seriousness. We got in the car and we started talking about how the Humanitarian Bowl is always sold out (In Boise) and its sooooo much colder there than it was last night. I said yeah but theyre used to it. I need a jacket when its 70 degrees outside!