Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy to you and me!

If you've heard me speak of this Christmas season lately, then you know that I have not been a fan of it! I'm not sure why I haven't been in the 'Christmas spirit' but I have not put up one Christmas Decoration, or sent out my cards or even bought that many presents! I think that it has alot to do with our house being on the market and I just dont want to do anything that would create a mess for me to clean up later!
Tonight ,however, I turned over a new leaf.  Chris and I turned off the t.v and turned on the GLORIOUS iPhone! I turned on my ever dependent Pandora radio app and jammed out to Christmas Music on the surround sound.  We got out the Christmas tree and put that sucker up! I cannot say that I enjoyed it throughly but I did cherish one aspect of it.  Pulling out the ornaments that each of my kids had made over the years was just BLISS!  Looking at pictures of Brock when he was Wittens age, seeing how little Wittens foot used to be and how Emmi has grown in just one year.....oh the tears were daring to bust through.  I appreciate the teachers that made those ornaments with my babies! I hope to keep those forever and to one day decorate my tree with my grandbabies showing them those same ornaments!
I also enjoyed watching Chris and Emmi dance to the Christmas music together. I think I would enjoy watching those two together doing anything! I now know what my momma must've felt when I was a little girl!
Peace Out Homies!

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