Thursday, December 24, 2009

O Holy Night!

Tonight is full of anxiousness and what is supposed to be joy.  However, joy does not always work out the way we planned.  Tonight, we were going to Christmas Eve service for the first time or so we planned.  We all got 'purtyed' up, took (or attempted) to take lots of pics of the kids.  We finally get everyone loaded up in the car. By this time, Emmi is screaming, Witten's being weird and hiding from everyone. Brock is totally annoyed at having to have his hair combed. And me, well, I'm just needing some religion at this point.  So. We get to church, and what do you know, there's no child care.  Well, CV was NOT taking the kids in so we turned around and went to eat. We get to Outback and two hours later, we leave, everyone is DONE by this time.  So we get home, have to put on our special PJs, spread reindeer food on the lawn, get SC's cookies and milk out blah blah blah.....By 9 pm I'm screaming for everyone to just go get in their beds, or SANTA IS NOT COMING!!!! AND THATS FINAL!!!   Oh, and merry Christmas sweethearts!

UGH! Where was my joy at????

Tomorrows a new day right??!?!?!

CV and I have a saying that we say all the time to each other (Jokingly)
We say:  "Can't steal my joy devil"
Well tomorrow:  You cant steal my joy Devil.  I'm celebrating my Lord and Saviors birth and you will NOT show your ugly head here!

Merry Christmas y'all

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