Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Clan

My JBeezy~
My beautiful Boy.
He changed my life forever.
He loves anything that can be thrown or hit with a bat or club.
When he leaves for college, he will call me every night
to make sure I am home at curfew.
He is patient to Witten and protective of Emmi.
His size is a hindrance at times,
people expect and treat him older than he is.
(Including me)
His wife will be the luckiest girl,
but will hate me sleeping in between them!

My Dub~
This is a typical Witten Face!
He's strong willed, determined and hysterical.
He loves to wrestle & rarely gets hurt.
(Can't say the same for his opponents, of all sizes.)
He is sometimes misunderstood and requires more patience
but gives more love than any other.
(Just on his terms)
He's a self proclaimed 'Big Boy' but he'll always be my baby.
He loves a camera and takes better pics than I do.
I cherish our special time every morning, laying in my bed, whispering
sweet nothings to each other!

My Sassy~
She is my little mini-me
We both love cupcakes and Chris
(not in that order)
We both rock the sweet tea gut
We fight over being the center of attention
(Even though, I lost this battle, I still put up a good fight)
She looks cuter in skinny jeans but I am toilet trained!
We both cry over not getting our way.
We can shop like it's our business!
I love how she looks so little in her Daddy's Arms!


  1. Tracey, this reminds me of one of my favorite verses, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need." You are so blessed! But even more important, . . . you know it, and are grateful to The One who gives us everything we need.

    Love, Sharon

  2. Thanks Mrs. Sharon! You are very right!!! He gave me it All and the least I can do it recognize and appreciate His grace and love!!!