Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Baby Jesus!

The one thing I usually try to include in my prayers for my children is their (very far away, not even close enough to really mention but its going to happen so I might as well pray about it) future.

When I am praying for my children I always start with thanking God for their personalities, characteristics, abilities, talents, etc. I always thank Him for making them all so different yet definitely formed from the same mold, then I begin asking for certain things for each one. For example:

Brock- Thank you for making him a Child after God's own heart. Thank you for giving Brock a love for his family, (ESP. ME!) Thank you for giving him a special athletic ability.  Thank you for changing my life with this gift.

Witten- Thank you for my fireball. Thank you for spicing mine and CV's life up! Thank you for giving him creativity and strength. Please give him peace and protection. Thank you for choosing me as his momma!

Emmi- Thank you for the icing on my cake! Thank you for her big blue eyes,  her smile and her sweet voice.  Thank you for putting a love for her brothers in her heart that is so deep and true. Thank you for the father she has.  Please dont let her be taller than 6 foot!  (J/K....but not so much)

I then start to pray for their spouses. I dont do this a whole lot when I'm actually praying with them (esp. the boys) only because Brock gets grossed out and ruins the moment for the prayer!

For Brocks spouse: She needs to be gentle, sweet and kind. Likes to eat popcorn alot. Please protect my boys heart.  He will love her unconditionally and forever!  She better like his momma!

For Wittens spouse: She needs to be patient, strong-willed, and laid back. She needs to be a good listener. It would be in her best interest to get along with his baby sister!

For Emersons spouse:  He needs to tall, rich and fast! Ok Im sorry I couldnt help myself! Seriously, height would be nice!  He needs to be funny, love life and be affectionate. He needs to keep her grounded and humble.  He probably should be fast, just in case he ever upsets her, he's got 3 HUGE guys coming after him.
I also pray that her husband not completely hate us for making her so rotten. I pray my daughter in laws not blame me for my boys need to be taken care of.  I will always make my boys pancakes as long as they keep asking for them.  After all, I know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!

Alright friends, I need to go to bed, which means, I have to pray first so I better get off this computer and get on my knees!  Night YALL!


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