Sunday, October 10, 2010

Witten says the darnest things....

I have to remember this story to tell Witten when he's older, so I figured I could put it here, since his baby book is in storage.  Let me say, I hope and pray that this story doesnt offend anyone by any means.

As almost every night, Witten loves to sneak into Mimi's room and watch whatever crazy TV show, she is watching. I do not know what show she was watching, but I walked in and Mom said to me, "Tray, ask Witten what that Tiger just did."  So I did, in which Witten replied, "Mom, dat Tiger just bit dat Choco-yate Man in da face."     WHAT?!?!?  Did he just say "dat Chocolate Man?"    Only Witten would associate food to the color of a mans skin!  ohhhhh  I seriously love my life!

For the record, the tv show was about a man (i think in the 70s) that was raising a Tiger in his apartment, one day the Tiger attacked him.  Go figure! At least now, I dont think Witten will be asking for a pet Tiger any time soon.
 This pic is real grainy and terrible of me, but his face is so cute in it, I just had to share!!

Peace Out Hommies

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  1. Hey punkin' - still lovin' your blog! Keep it up sister!