Friday, October 15, 2010

What you gonna do??

Another Witten Story:
Tuesday, Witten stayed home from school because he was sick the night before. So Wednesday morning, he was so ready and excited to go to school. Every morning, Chris takes Witten to school and if you really know Witten, you know that he is NOT that big of a talker.
(He is the only one out of my 3 that got this trait from their daddy,
 the other 2 are motor mouths just like their mommy-dearest!)
So, Chris makes it his mission to force Witten to talk to him on the way to school every morning. Chris says he'll ask Witten what he is going to do at school, who he'll play with, eat lunch with, etc. And everytime, Witten will gruff before answering. He's just a man of few words; so when he does say something it usually is hysterical and off the wall. Thats why there are always so many Witten stories to share!
ok, back to my story, so, Wednesday morning, Chris told Witten to call him after school since he was going out of town and tell him how his day was, what he did, who he ate with, what color smiley-face he stayed on.
(thats his behavior chart)
So Wednesday afternoon, I pick up Witten, he gets in the car all smiles and happy to see me and Emmi. He shows me his 'prize' for staying on his purple happy face all day. I reach into his backpack to see his behavior card for the day, and like Witt said it was purple!
But, on the back, there was a note written by his teacher that said:
Witten told me his daddy said 'I'd better not change Witten's smiley face today' so I did not.   ;)

Yeah thats right!! My 4 yr old child told his teacher that his daddy said his teacher had better not change his smiley face!! Or what??? Whats daddy gonna do?? WOW!!   At least he's creative enough to know what will work and what wont!!  

Witten Macabe Van Hoy~ you bring me so much JOY in life!
Peace Out Hommies

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  1. Gosh a quiet kid from you. That is shocking. Love this witt story. Hes a keeper