Sunday, October 24, 2010

CLHHC= Wittens GTL

Let's start at the beginning. For all you that dont watch Jersey Shore (I just watched one last week so I cant really talk) GTL = Gym Tan Laundry.  Basically all the necessities that the guys do on the show to look good.  
So for Witten his GTL is CLHHC.....
anyone guess what it is???
L= Lunch 
HC= Halloween Costume

Witten Macabe got his 1st real haircut today! He has never had his haircut by someone other than myself, CV or my grandmother.  His little 'issues' has always prohibited him from being secure enough to let a stranger get that close to him. Not to mention the hair falling on his skin= major melt downs!! 
We told him that after Brock and he got their haircut we were going to get his Halloween Costume. So he said he was game!
I was so proud of him, he watched his big bro go first. (Which B was the model citizen.  such a good big brother) Then Witten's turn came up, he climbed up into the chair and sat so still.  So still, you would've thought Medusa had turned him into stone!  

I was so proud of him!! Even CV had to sit there and watch every second of it! Just another reminder of how much God is working in our sweet boys life! So thankful for all the people that have made such a huge impact on this little boy.  He is improving daily and I know that God will continue to prove his grace and mercy on each of us!

The final product!  They love each other so much!  
I am so blessed to have three kiddos who love each other.  Dont get me wrong, they love to fight too, but more than anything they love to love! 

Thats all for today! 
Peace Out Hommies!

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  1. That made me tear up! I have an autistic nephew who resisted(that's an understatement) haircuts. God is so good. Your babies are precious!