Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame....AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN.....

Well, The Rage Team finished 2nd.....IN THE NATION!!!

YEAH! You just read that RIGHT!

Second best team in the NATION!!!!      BOOOO YAAHHH!!!!

Rage was the best time of our family lives. Not just for Brock, but we ALL had fun. The parents were great. We all bonded together in the heat. Witten and Emmi had so much fun making friends with all the other siblings. Heres some pics from the last few weeks of Rage Ball!

After we played in Natchitouches

Our Team Banner


In Little Rock, AR. Our last weekend for Rage Baseball

Mimi ordered cookies for all the boys!d

Emmi & Landry

Dear Baby Jesus!

Future Ball-players

CV catching up on some zzz

All the dads checking out our comp

Boo YAH! This win makes us finish second in the nation!


Rage baseball was the best season. It was a group of boys handpicked by a few dads, they never practiced together, but when they stepped on the field they become ONE!!

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