Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Myrtle meets Fertile Myrtle!

Chris' grandparents had the BEST idea this year at Christmas time. This year instead of exchanging gifts, we all just met at the beach in June.  WHAAAATTT????  Best Idea EVER!!!!

So, Chris, the kids and I all flew to the Myrtle Beach.  It was so much fun. Chris and I also realized how big our kids were...traveling with them is.....ehhhhhhhh im fixing to say it...... E. A. S. Y.

Yup, I said it, it was maybe not easy, but definitely want to pull my eyelashes out one by one with an ice pic and a used to be bad. But this time they were really good.

So we get to the beach and We are STOKED to be there.  We are so excited to see all his family that we all love and adore but rarely get to see.  It was EXACTLY what we needed to start our summer off right.

So I kinda figure Witten may not be as into sports as his brother, but he may have found his "thing"  I can totally see him as a surfer boy.  Only thing is, theres no beach close to mama.  We can fix that though.  He refused to get out of the water.  I was so proud of him.

Uncle Chris and Pay Pay!

Sweet Jack! He is heaven on earth!

Every night the boys (& Emmi) would gather at the ledge and watch the mass of golf cars driving around in circles.

My trio at 5 am, waiting to board the plane headed out! They were stoked.  Of course Emmi had her "Bankey" in hand. 

Poor Aunt Lauren, her anxiety level was the upmost high after this trip.  Emmi loves babies and I mean LOOOOVVVEEESS Them. Loves to smothers them.  These two are gonna love each other.
Us in the rental car waiting on Daddy checking into our resort

Ocean Lakes, praying you survive the Van Hoys week 

Thanks Granny and Gramps for such a fun week.  A week to remember for sure!

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  1. Those are fantastic pictures Tracey! Praying y'all have the greatest school year. Hugs to ya!