Saturday, August 13, 2011

Witten says the darkest things

Every time we leave the house I always have to allow an extra 10-12 minutes for me to fin Wittens shoes. Most of the time they are under the trampoline or in the gameroom under a pile of toys. But it still takes me looking for them for a while before we can leave the house. And, I always start telling him to find his shoes about 30 mins before we're ready to leave.
So yesterday we were leaving the house and I started with my usual.
"Witten get your shoes on."
Witten: ok mom.
As usual it's time to go and of course no shoes, so i say it again.
"Witten PLEASE find your shoes!"
Usually Witten says something along the lines of I can't find them, or I don't really need shoes or they're in the car or something to just pacify me. But not yesterday.
Witten: Momma I yooked ebey-where and I just can't find them.
Me: (a little shocked by his
Different response) ok babe well where did you look?
Witten: well I yooked in da fridge and they're not in there so I have no idea where else I woulda put them.

I just couldn't hold it in, I feel out laughing bc I know he's completely serious. He is ALWAYS in da fridge, so of course that's where he looked first!

That's my boy!

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