Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The third bird always gets the last of the worm

My sweet baby girl. The one that gets most of my time and attention, but only because she DEMANDS it. Shes the only one that can sense when I've walked out of the room and cares...
She's the only one that will still come cuddle in the bed with me.
She's the only one that prefers me to Chris.....unless he has food.

She's my mini-me and I LOVE IT!  
But poor child just gets shuffled from ball-field to ball-field but does it with style and grace...ok not so much on the grace part but she does have a canning ability to work the crowd to her favor. So this post is dedicated to my Prissy, no baseball, no brothers, just her! 

I promise, I did not coach her to pose like this.  PROMISE!

This is what I woke up to the other morning.  This is what Walt Disney meant when he created Sleeping Beauty!

I love you my angel! I cherish our time together every night when we sing Amazing Grace.
I pray the day never comes when you stop calling Popsicles - "Pocka-Pickles"
I adore your fun spirit and your adventurous outlook on life, you're always the life of the party.
I love how you work over your Daddy....and you know it.. Work him sister!
Lastly, I love you how you love me. Its just different, I pray you always look at me with your big blue eyes and tell me you love me.  
I thank GOD for you and your brothers daily.

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