Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Witten plays ball too ya know.....

for the past 8 years, Brocks sports have been a huge focal point in our life. But this year, we had the tough job of balancing both boys playing baseball. So Witten played t-ball with the Red Sox, Brock was playing Machine Pitch for Rage Dixie ball and Tourney ball....Whew, no wonder Im tired!

Witten was awesome, he wasnt quite into it as his brother but he definitely left his mark on the team...
He was the comic relief. as usual.  Im so proud of my baby, I will ALWAYS be his biggest cheerleader!

He loved being able to get dirty and not get fussed at for it!

Best Bud Colton

Colton, Andrew, and Witten

My favorite pic ever!

Ok maybe this one ties for fav pic ever!

Im so proud of you Witten Macabe.  You are perfectly and Wonderfully made!

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