Friday, April 1, 2011

Disney 2011: day 1

In February we went to Disney world! We decided in December that we were going so I didn't have too long to make arrangements but I did my best. I knew that I wanted to surprise my kids with the news the morning that we were leaving for two reasons 1) that commercial where the parents tell the kids on Christmas day makes me cry every time 2) how hard is it for kids to have to wait to go on vacation? I thought it would be so great to tell them we are taking them there plus we are leaving NOW!!!!
Chris and i woke them up at 4 am and told them. I had a box with goodies in it for the trip. I had ordered them autograph books and pens, disposable cameras, candy, colors and coloring books, etc. I also had shirts made for them to wear.

We get to the airport and guess who's there.......

I love how little she looks standing next to him!

These were the shirts I had made! I will say that the two weeks before we left, the flu, strep throat, the stomach bug and mono hit our house which gave me lots of extra time to order things for the trip!

We made it! I couldn't believe we were finally here! We stayed At the Polynesian Resort, which I was soooo excited about. I was thrilled about having the monorail right there at my fingertips and I have to say, it was totally worth spending the extra money! It was just heavenly! The boys played In the arcade, swam in the pool, and the rooms were blissful! I'll never stay anywhere else when we go back! As soon a we got off the plane we headed for the Polynesian, unloaded our stuff and headed to Epcot! Emmi and CV stayed and took naps, E was still not feeling 100%.
At Epcot, the boys got to meet some characters, we rode soaring over and over, rode the Nemo rIde, watched Captain EO with Michael Jackson and rode the test track. Witten especially loved riding that one, but that was no surprise to me!

That night we watched the world showcase fireworks show and it was amazing! Too bad Witten fell asleep in my lap before it even got started! We headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest! That was the longest day for all of us!

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