Sunday, April 10, 2011

DAY 5~ Pt. 1 Hollywood Studios

On this day, I had planned for us to go to Hollywood Studios in the morning and then hit Magic Kingdom one more time before we leave! We also have two Character meals scheduled for the day. We're eating breakfast at Hollywood and Vine with the Playhouse Disney characters, which include Diego, Leo and June from Little Einsteins and Special Agent Oso.  Witten and Emmi were stoked!!!  And the food was really good too!!!
But first, we ran into Minnie Mouse!

Agent Oso

June from Little Einsteins

Handy Manny

Leo from Little Einsteins

After Breakfast, we had Fast Passes to the Toy Story ride, it was so worth all the hype!
We ran into Disney Channel Dance Party and Brock got up and danced with the crew! 
So proud!!

Again with Witten being so silly, after we got done riding a ride, we were, again, all standing around trying to decide where we wanted to go next and I get that feeling that one of my little ducklings have wondered.... so I start looking around for which one is missing, I notice it's Witten,, of course!

 I found him! 
I swear I just love this kid!

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