Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disney Randomness

I honestly cannot remember when we took these pics but I just love all of them!

All of these are of us on the people mover!

This is Witten in line for the Buzz Lightyear Ride!

I always say that Witten is my funniest kid.  He is so funny but never means to be, and when you laugh at him, he gets his feelings hurt. This picture is just a prime example of what I'm talking about.  We were standing on a corner of two "streets" in Hollywood Studios trying to decide where we wanted to go next, and Witten announces "I'm done."  And just walks to the center of the intersection and just parks it! Sits down, right in the smack dab center of the intersection, never even worrying about the mass amount of people that were now walking around him.  It was then, Chris looked at me and said, "stay there I'm going to rent him a stroller."

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