Friday, April 8, 2011

Disney Day 2!!

On day 2, we woke up and couldn't get to Magic Kingdom fast enough! I had an outfit made for Emmi to wear, it was the same outfit that she wore a few years ago when we went but I just loved it so much, I had the girl make her another one. We got up that morning, got breakfast at Captain Kook's. Emmi was so excited to get her a Mickey waffle

After breakfast we walked out to catch the monorail, which I saw the perfect opportunity for a mini photo shoot.

Magic Kingdom is truly the most magical, happiest place on earth. I cry eveytime we walk down it. As soon as we entered the gates, we stood in line for 30 mins for this pic

Oh the things we do for our kids!!! Can I get a witness?

We rode all the classic rides there. We headed straight to Pirates of the Caribbean, guess who we found there.
*I'm not real sure where Witten was for this photo op.

Emmi acted so shy around all the characters, she always clung to her big brother for protection. Which i loved and appreciated how good he was with her to sit there and talk to Ariel just so his momma could get a pic of Emmi with her.

After the "pie-wit ship wide" as Witten called it, we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain, Brock and Grandpas FAVORITE RIDE!!
We had fast passes for it so we didn't have to stand in line to long. Witten was bound and determined to ride it too, so off we went. Brock, Grandpa, Witten and myself for a train ride, we'll never forget. I was petrified to ride this with Witt, I was so afraid that he would scream hysterically to get off. After all, it is extremely fast, lots of drops and sharp turns. On the contrary, he had a blast. He did scream through it all, but with joy! I knew after that ride, it was on!! There would be no stopping him.

We watched two parades while we were there. Chris told me at one point during the trip that he hopes he always remembers the way our kids faces light up when they see their favorite characters. So I promised him I would do my best to capture the moment! I always tear up when Emmi sees Cinderella.

Brock had a big moment on this trip. He rode space mountain for the first time! I was so proud of him! He was a little nervous but ultimately loved it!

And of course we rode the teacups. Emmi still talks about this ride, she calls it the "coffee cup wide"

Someday my dream will come true! I will get to be Cinderella in a parade. Well.....maybe I'll have to settle for being the Fairy Grandmother! Ha!

Peace Out Hommies

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