Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm baaaaccckkkkk!

Ok so I have completely slacked on my blogging lately! My brain is just overloaded by life all the time, but I really want to do better so here goes! Here's what you missed....
My children are growing at a rapid pace. No really, I can hardly believe how big they are and how little they are needing me now!
Brock keeps straight A's and is loving hunting behind our house with his buddies from the neighborhood. He is almost as tall as me, no joke!
Witten is rocking his preschool and has begun t-ball practice! He Is huge! Built completely different from his brother! Think along the lines of the Hulk!
Emerson is an ever-going, non stop, continuous chatterbox! She can talk any southern woman under the table. But she is precious, she is beautiful, she is a hand-full.
Chris is my dream! He is amazing! I cant believe we've been married 8 years! The cliche is so true, I truly love him so much more than I did the day I married him. I adore him and hate not being with him all the time, but look forward to him walking through the door.
My life is wonderful, it's blessed, it's busy! But its fun!

God, I hope to please you in all I do. Thank you for all your blessings!

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