Monday, January 11, 2010

Yeah! He's sick Alright!

So Poor Brock was sick all day yesterday with fever and an aching back. He was dizzy and crying. Bless his heart. So my wonderful Momma took him to the dr this morning. Turns out it was just the sinus crud.  So he had to stay home. But of course, it was my first day back to MDO. So off to Mamaws house he goes....I know....Bless his soul! When I got there, he was completely healed! PRAISE GOD!!  He had a great time! This was waiting for me to see!!  He made these out of dominoes!

I wonder why he's the favorite one???

Peace Out Homies!

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  1. Of course you can copy - BUT...make sure you don't say that you are 5 foot 4 - no one will believe you! Ha ha ha!